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  • lady_nebs lady_nebs May 15, 2002 2:28 PM Flag

    OT: photo op

    make that "opportunism"

    "...The activities are part of a Republican fundraising frenzy less than six months before the advent of a law that will bar the political parties from accepting unlimited checks."

    ...."While most pictures are worth a thousand words, a photo that seeks to capitalize on one of the most tragic moments in our nation's history is worth only one -- disgraceful," said Gore, who suffered his own fundraising controversies in 1996. "I cannot imagine that the families of those who lost their lives on September 11th condone this -- and neither should the president of the United States."

    and from another article on this topic:

    "Isn't this the kind of thing the Republicans would have gone ballistic over if Clinton had done it, instead of prospecting for cash at White House coffees with fat cats and some ne'er-do-wells?"

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    • The truth is something that they will never see because it isn't what they want to see. From what I've been told some folks find GW's style so offensive they simply won't believe him no matter what. We've always found that particular style to reflect "HONESTY" something that Gore and BC were truly missing. Of course that is why they probably didn't recognize it. You are right however that the media did everything they could to hand their recount to Gore but couldn't find but one or two methods of counting out of about 10 different ones to do so. Bush still won in the majority of recounting methods.

      To me what still stands out above everything is that Gore couldn't even carry his home state and that of his butt buddy. You got to be a real slime ball when the folks who sent you to Washington don't want you there anymore. The man who ran for president didn�t support the original platforms that he was sent to support. Even LBJ carried Texas and he was no winner.

      FWIW I received some of the leftist articles via the internet from a friend soon after 911. What was amazing is they were accusing GW to having known about the suicide missions and to have allowed it for political reasons and or oil! They obviously don�t know the man and never will. It amazes me that with so many laws on the books today these a*&holes can still write blatant lies and go unpunished. Freedom of speech should be limited to what can be proven. NOT IMAGINED! Still love the one where Bush wanted the war so he could build a pipeline through Afghanistan for Russian oil.

      I'm sure Hallinan will have something stupid to add but the good thing is I have him now on ignore. Makes reading the boards a lot less time consuming. Recently there was a little trick played on the biom board where the poster would accidentally put Terrance on ignore. If there is a down side to Idbe it is that he is one of the supporters. Those who don�t know him very well need to look at his track record of supporting lost causes. Let�s hope that idbe doesn�t follow the same path.

      Now I got to get one of those Bush pictures before they run out! (Heard they have some of BC and Monica on a web site!) Hey afterall both depict the president in a "presidential moment" and serving their country.

    • I heard there were many Texans and others,wanting to put up the money to rebuild,after it burned.The Chicken Ranch will be one of my lasting memories.THE EYES OF TEXAS WERE ON ME.Hook'em horns or Hooker Horny. John

    • As a matter of fact we did visit the place as teenagers. Memorable experience. <g> My two best friends and I made a couple of trips there. What was humorous is that no matter where you stopped in the town you could get directions. A few years later some dam newsman who couldn't get laid at home decided to get famous. Last I heard someone had plans to move it and convert it to a restaurant. Don't know if that ever happened or not. Definitely something the Colonel would've been proud of.

      FWIW the local hookers have figured out a way around the law. When you pick one up the deal is X amount of cash for a 1 hour date. The girl explains in detail that the one hour date is simply that. No sex of any kind will even be discussed, much less happen during that hour. After the paid hour of company is over she tells the client that if she likes him she may consider sex with him, after she's off the clock. From what I hear the vice cops are a bit frustrated. About time. IMO it shouldn't be illegal in the first place.

    • that should have read:

      Maybe they ought to look at the connection between the analysts and the market makers?

    • And what about the "chicken ranch".One of my regular stops before it burned.Great industry!
      Mississipi Delta John

    • I promised I would not talk about the Florida election, but I have to say I had a good laugh at your post!

      Da Prez

    • I think you have spoken for most Texans - Mr. Bush did a lot for Texas while he was our governor and you said a mouth full when you listed our strong points. I am of the opinion that most "misplaced newcomers" in Texas would not even know how well off they have it if you hit them in the face with something like a wet fish. You forgot to mention state "no income tax" along with the other goodies. I voted for Mr. Bush and would again if he runs. It makes me shudder to think what kind of shape we would be in now if Al Gore were our president - so far he can't even grow a decent beard.

      I hope this board do not get into bashing our president and the past election -- it is over and done with -- Bush is the president, like it or not - we cannot do much about it - at least I don't think he will embarass this country on moral charges that will bring on an impeachment. I am sure there are democrats that like Mr. Bush as well as those who dislike him and also republicans who like him and republicans who dislike him - everyone to his own "cup of tea" BUT roll with the punches. live and let live; and please lets keep this board for IDBE - not politics.

      You have not posted a "humor" post in some time - now would be the perfect time for a good one !!!

    • LN,
      When I read that kind of language, it makes me wonder why US citizens (or foreign residents) seem to have a freedom of seditious speech. The election is long over, 9/11 has happened, the war is ongoing and firing squads stand at the ready.


    • I care a lot how sensitive events are handled. Nothing here (yes?) but the Democrats. A country within a country. The Democrats alone are one of the largest countries in the world. Anything, no matter how deluded/deceiving, is material to raise money and enhance their party/countrys power. Members should be ashamed of their leaders and take a good look at a projected model of how all will live under their absolute power. It looks ugly to me. Goodbye USA.
      There is nothing wrong to me of a picture of the President on that day at work. Gore on the other hand has a big mouth and his hand out for power. Last I heard he was still spouting about how he won the election. That event will always be the democrats battle cry. Perhaps the Democrats will make a rule such that their home state will not be counted in the election and military votes can't be counted. Then, add in non-citizens...etc to get their power.
      BTW, the Republican model is not much better, if any.

      Just blowin off some steam. One of the Democrat congressmen said "we are not at war" the other day. Gore should spend some energy straightening that guy out instead of raising concern about a picture of a President on the phone on 911 to be given away at a fund raiser. Gore is just jawing cause the Democrats think Bush is the wrong man in the picture. They are missing their power. And, would really like to have the money themselves...all of it.

      Da Prez

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      • >>>>Last I heard he was still spouting about how he won the election. That event will always be the democrats battle cry. Perhaps the Democrats will make a rule such that their home state will not be counted in the election and military votes can't be counted. Then, add in non-citizens...etc to get their power.
        BTW, the Republican model is not much better, if any.<<<<

        How The Supreme Court Stole The Election For Bush

        The United States Supreme Court decision which stopped the vote recount in Florida was based on the concept that "varying methods and a loose standard would be used to (re)count the votes."

        Florida votes with 11 different voting systems in its 67 counties. The undervote and overvote percentage ranges from a low of 0.24% in Seminole County to a high of 12.4% in Gadsden County. This means that voters in Seminole County, which uses the Global Election System of McKinney, Texas, had a 12% higher chance of having their votes counted in the election than voters in Gadsden County.

        Gadsden County uses the Election Systems and Software models 115 and/or 315 of Omaha, Nebraska. The best county using this system had a 3.73% under and over vote, while the worst county using the Global Election System had a 3.63% under and over vote. So the worst GES system was better than the best ES&S system.

        Now, if during the election voters in some voters had a 12% higher chance of having their votes counted, how can the Supreme Court come along after the election and say that the state of Florida can not remedy this obvious disenfranchisement of voters by hand counting ballots because there's no uniform standard? There's already no uniform standard, that's why the votes needed to be recounted. To then say that no votes could be counted because of varying methods and a loose standard is absurd, because the recount was the device for making the vote method uniform.

        As usual, the Supreme Court made its decisions based on an idealized view of the world, not the world as it really is. According to this decision, the Supreme Court is mandating that every county in the United States must use the same or comparable voting system in presidential elections. That would be a good thing, but does the Federal Government now have the power to run presidential elections because of this decision in favor of Bush? If the answer is yes, then this is the most far reaching constitutional change in the history of presidential elections. And the people didn't have anything to do with it. Some conservative court.


      • Right on!!!


    • It's a great photo. Everyone wants one. So, what is the problem with giving it to those who desire it. And, isn't it interesting that people wanted it BEFORE this fundraiser. So, how is giving donors something they wanted BEFORE the fundraiser 'capitalizing on one of the most tragic moments in our nation's history?' The 'tragic moment' will be if Democratic leadership see fit to have Albert Gore run again.