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  • omniportent omniportent Mar 10, 2000 9:15 AM Flag


    There is a definite pattern of strong
    institutional accumulation with IDBE. This is very positive
    over the medium and long term. In the short term
    Market Makers may feel the need to shake-out some of the
    more loosely held shares. They have not been doing
    this very actively just yet IMHO. Just a few baby
    shakes. It seems they are taking a leisurely approach to
    their accumulation for the moment.

    This is not
    the case at SCLN (which is on the very edge of an
    explosive price movement). Several Market Makers have
    pulled out all the stops to get as many shares of SCLN
    as possible. For example, yesterday they droped the
    price over $2.50 in the twinkling of an eye and on no
    volume. It was truley shameless. They hit all the stop
    sells and paniced the newbies and weak hands. They
    scored big time: to the tune of several 100K shares.
    Funnily enough, after 2 solid days of pounding, they
    still can't drop SCLN below the 9 day moving average!
    The stock is just that strong. Really unbelievable.
    If it is not on you watchlist, it should be. By the
    way, there is a great article in IBD this morning on
    Sciclone, so heads up.

    Anyway, back on the topic of
    IDBE, this is a great stock. It could move up sharply
    in the immediate future, but it wouldn't surprise me
    if it stalled for a while just under $10 U.S. That's
    frequently a tough hurdle to get over, and it might take a
    few tries.

    Who dares, wins!

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    • Sir Holler are you the Doctor referred to in this report?

    • Great article, one question however. When was this published?

    • <EOM>

    • Thanks for the comments... Thanks to the Earl out there... There is a substantial opportunity here-- you got it! Thanks for the agar sites you two... Thanks Coug...

      Be Wise,


    • Vancouver company launches new superbug test

      A new test for detecting methicillin-resistant
      Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) has been launched by Vancouver's
      I.D. Biomedical Corporation. The company's Velogene
      Rapid MRSA Identification Assay diagnostic test has
      already received approval from the US Food and Drug
      Administration, and approval from Health Canada was expected by
      the end of August. Marketing to hospitals across
      North America and Europe began this summer. The test
      costs $10 � about the same as current hospital tests �
      and the company hopes to sell about 5 million
      Company president Dr. Tony Holler says the
      test, which takes about 2 hours to complete, is the
      first truly rapid test to identify MRSA; normally it
      takes up to 2 days to get test results. About 4.6
      million tests for MRSA are carried out annually in US
      hospital laboratories. "For hospitals, it's a huge
      problem," says Holler, who estimates that the market is
      growing by about 10% a year. If hospitals "can save 1 day
      through early diagnosis and treatment, that saves $1000
      plus. The speed means that you are treating patients
      with the right antibiotic quicker, which leads to
      shorter hospital stays."

      The test identifies the
      gene responsible for methicillin antibiotic resistance
      approximately 90 minutes after a primary culture is obtained.
      The company says the test is both fast and accurate.
      In clinical trials at 4 US hospitals, the test
      demonstrated 100% accuracy when compared with polymerase chain
      reaction, the current gold standard in gene-identification

      I.D. Biomedical is now preparing for
      clinical trials for a second diagnostic test to detect
      vancomycin-resistant enterococci bacteria. � � Heather Kent, Vancouver

      IDB is expected to receive a royalty of about US$2
      per test. Its' platform, from which its' MRSA test is
      derived, has a market worth approximately US$500


    • Oops, maybe it has something to do with my
      personal gender identity problems, but I have really
      believed that April is female.

      Sorry for that
      April!! The first dance is reserved for you

      Mr. or Mrs. loosing money?

    • Check out Sir Holler's Web Site on IDBE and learn
      why we are all here. It will answer many of your
      questions. He is not an analyst, just an investor, so take
      the information with that in mind. Here's the

      See you all next week!


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