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  • stx86b stx86b Apr 5, 2012 6:30 PM Flag

    Is there anyway to sue NSRS

    I lost a substantial amount of money on all their promises. Is there anyway to sue Lappa to get my money back. It was funny I had my money invested in his company only to find out he didn't even visit the mines in that time frame. He's a real winner.

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    • Stx,
      Seems anything that is told to you goes in one ear & out the other. Here you are asking if you can sue Harry Lappa because you lost money playing the game. Now you are sitting on another p & d board (SNPK) blathering about how great it is, if you lose there I suppose you will cry foul & cry victim again.

      Many here informed you exactly what this POS was, one employee, limited assets & low cash flow. Did you listen & follow up & do research? No, you cried "basher".

      In order to sue, I believe no attorney would touch it unless you have 100k in losses. Secondly, even if a attorney did file a CA against NSRS, who would get the money? The attorneys would get the majority, maybe you would get a dime per dollar. Thirdly, there is no case, the writing was on the wall but you chose to ignore it out of greed which is fine however to cry "victim" after you lose playing the game is pretty lame.

      Should have been a lesson learned (like I did years ago) however you chose to learn nothing from this expierience.

    • Anyone out there know where and how to filing "Class Action Lawsuit" and sue this company?

    • And now you know why Ameritrade won't let you buy this junk.

    • If in anyway there was anything said that proves to be of a fraud intention or misleading.I would say a "Class Action Lawsuit" would be the way to go.No way you will get back all your money but if there is any $ available you would get something.

    • If there is let me know

    • mystere77 Apr 6, 2012 6:37 PM Flag

      Would like too know this myself... SCAMERS

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      • Welcome to the stock markets - what these pump and dump guys do is perfectly legal, they pay promoters in stock to promote their company, then when the public buys in, the insiders sell their shares for which they paid zero for and cash out for millions. Everyone of their newsletters and emails contain the appropriate disclaimers to protect them from lawsuits. It's been going on for years, seems there are endless number of comapnies and new "investors" who eat up the hype. Tough lesson, good luck down the road, no way you can get anything back