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  • stpusfg stpusfg Mar 19, 2009 10:38 AM Flag


    This board is boring. Stop with the "shut up" (I know that's how you'll respond to this post) already and say something constructive. In this volatile insurance environment (AIG, etc.)can't some of you come up with exciting and provocative thoughts? I challeng you all. Where are the interesting characters that once roamed this board?

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    • To: stpusfg or whatever.

      Dear Dick-wad:

      You want provocative discussion about TRV? Fine. Then move your ugly butt to the thread called "Not Boring" and see if you can answer some of my thought-provoking questions.


    • HIG has a similar market footprint to Travelers. The key difference is the financial services they offer. The question is who has the capital, or can raise the cash, in this market to buy HIG. The other issues may come from antitrust voices in congress. It will be interesting to watch this play out. HIG stock is rallying on the news of interested buyers. Watch for news (or the lack thereof) and it will point the way to the possible buyer, i.e., the "quiet period" will be deafening.

    • Shut up already.

    • As a great president once said: "There they go again". Trying to change the subject again. Let's not let Jay's goons do it. Need comments on the potential Hartford deal. Is it good for Trav? What lines does it include? Surety included? Trav is already the largest and would govt allow it since Hartford is a top ten surety? What other lines would cause govt to cry "antitrust". Come on guys! We know there are some intelligent readers of this board who want to comment. No more bull---- about elevators goons.

    • You got me. I confess. I am one of Jay's goons.

      And I post here to distract employees and stockholders from the real issues facing TRV.

      I never thought I'd get caught. I have just one question.

      Who's Jay?

    • 'Come on Jay, what are you afraid of?'

      That's easy. He's afraid of someone peeing in his office when he's not around.

      BTW, if anyone knows how I can get paid for doing this, please advise soonest.

    • This kind of bull---- is exactly what I mean. I have a funny feeling that Qtrnomore and malum-secutum are goons hired by Jay to deflect any real, substantive discussions about this company. Every time someone tries to conduct an intelligent and thoughtful discussion about what this company needs to do to get back on track and drive real ROE for stockholders, these two clowns put their crap on the board to drown out the discussion. Let's drown them out with comments that mean something. Come on Jay, what are you afraid of?

    • Never did that and no one ever peed in my cube that I know of. I like to watch when people leave their cube for a short time. Then I walk over and leave them a giant SBD. I sneak away and watch the reaction. Too funny!

    • Here's a suggestion: learn something from the example of your competition which is getting on the stick. Zurich is trimming staff (elminating unecessary overpaid positions), selling real estate (Baltimore campus) and doing the belt tightening that TRV and others must do to stay competitive and give us stockholders a decent ROE. Zurich is making a nice play for AIG auto insurance business as well. I like what they are doing. Making the tough choices NOW and not sitting and waiting like Jay is doing. What the hell does he care, he's made his millions and doesn't have long to go before he throws in the towel and retires. New fresh blood, new ideas, bold decisions! That is what we need in the new leader BOD. BOD: please get off your asses and do something...NOW!

    • Wit? What wit?
      Here I am trying my hardest to provide astute investment advice to the great unwashed and you find it humorous?
      That pisses me off.

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