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  • mtsteelyerfacers mtsteelyerfacers Oct 8, 2009 6:50 PM Flag

    Get in to this stock??

    First time poster here. I just bought a new car and in an effort to get the best deal on insurance I deceided to go with traveler's as they had the best rates/coverage of everyone I looked at. I typically evaluate cos that I personally use and/or believe are doing something that makes them superior to the competion. So, I've been looking at this stock for a week or so and just thought I'd ask for others' opinions on the idea of buying some shares of TRV. I like the divi and usually buy solid dividend
    stocks. I'm interested to see what people think about getting into this co and what people think is a good entry point. I obviously noticed TRV went down today while the markets went up...I'm kinda lazy and try to avoid doing excessive DD. TIA.

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    • The company that offers the lowest-priced insurance is also the company that will have the highest losses and no profit. Travelers has recently adopted a practice of offering extraordinarily low-priced insurance, relative to other insurance companies selling the same coverage, in both the personal and commercial arenas. There is no secret method to underwriting insurance... generally, all coverage is the same and all resulting claims cost the same to adjust. Intentionally exchanging book value for increased marketshare is a strategy for corporate disaster. TRV has thousands of competitors just waiting for their moment to regain marketshare when TRV raises its rates or goes bankrupt. Thus, at this time I believe TRV is a bad company and if you have any of that stock you should SELL it.

    • New Poster:

      Now you can see that there are a few idiots on this board who attempt to drown good posts out. They (malum; qtrnomore; etc. same person) will immediately attack you with idiotic posts very soon after you post your message. People have speculated that they are "jays goons" and on the payroll of TRV to thwart any negative or provocative posts on this board. Don't let them get away with it!

      Now, pay attention.

      Freddey Says: recent post about this being a "dog" is correct. Need new leadership. BOD is rubber stamp. Stock not going anywhere unless mgmt changes or this team wakes up. Poorly run company with very high expenses. Needs innovation. Needs major change. This team has been a very negligent caretaker. Need to consolidate offices and cut out the fat. Lot's of dead wood making big $$'s. Does anyone have the b---s to stand up for the small investor here? Doubt it. So proceed carefully if you are thinking about buying this puppy. As for insurance, check out the claim department. Price is important, but when you have a claim you want quick and fair service. Do they beat up their insured's when a claim is made? Don't know the answer to that one. Perhaps someone from Claims can chime in.

      Freddey says: When is Jay to retire?

    • TRV should continue to perform above average in the P&C business.

      insurance companies make money primarily from investing their surplus and losing as little as possible in their underwriting efforts. Travelers has among the largest surplus $, among the most conservative investing, and among the best underwriting assets in the business.

      what the stock actually does is another thing-it certainly hasn't gone down like HIG, CNA, ALL and others (who blew it big time on the investment side).

      good luck.

    • mtsteel, your quetion was both valid and good

      Please oh please do not consider the 2 silly responses you received as having any valididy

      qtrnomore and malum are the same person and they trash everyone and anyone who attempts to ask a good question or make a recommendation to improve the stock price

      So hang in there my friend and welcome to the board

    • I'm kind of lazy myself and try to avoid giving serious answers to frivolous questions, however a sensible rule of thumb would seem to be to buy automobile insurance from the company that offers you the lowest quote but to avoid buying stock in the company which offers you the lowest quote on your automobile insurance.

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