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  • double_dump double_dump Nov 7, 2012 2:41 PM Flag

    Does Anyone have any Questions?

    Feel free to ask!

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    • time for the truck ?? or wait for 5.00?

    • rumour al gore to tax us to profit?? what do you hear??

    • why do hopeless longs keep buying 'new lows'' wait relax ,take your time preserve cash. do they listen ? no they keep backing up the truck.. help thx

    • I have a question dd. When do we eat?

    • Yes Grasshopper!!
      What will SZYM be on Nov.7? Up or Down ?
      It can ONLY go down to about $4.50 as that is Book Value so that gives me approx. loss of
      $3.00. Now tke the $7.50 -$4.50 = $3.00 loss..
      So if I buy tomorrow in 1,000 increments (depending if it goes UP or Down) then MOST I can loose
      Is 3 points.
      So if this week it starts to go UP then I will slowly buy more as this will give me indication that Earnings are leaked out to The Peope "In the Know" and they are BUYERS so I am watching the Volume and Price indicators to see if I am right as we all know tht stock Market is rigged and Insiders and their families know info before we do. IF it goes to PAST $8 then I will start the accumulation phase1.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Minchie
        Exercise caution and here's why. It seems that European debt issues and recession fears are once again raising their very ugly heads. Our own fiscal cliff issues are nothing to sneeze at either. If negative sentiment takes hold, most everything in the market may be pushed lower near term even equities that have already been beaten down.

        You make a good point regarding cash. However, first you need to look at the burn rate and how much of that cash is going to be consumed in the next year or two whether for operations or plant and equipment. Secondly, and this may be even more important, many companies have been know to trade below cash value for extended periods possibly due to issues I just mentioned above.

        My recommendation is to go slow. There's no fire here. I fully expect waiting will give you better buy opportunities over the next month or two and if I'm wrong you're not going to miss that much upside. You need to identify the catalysts that are going to move this higher. I just don't see anything short term but maybe you do. If you do buy, I recommend you take very small bites.

        Good Luck in what ever you choose to do. I hope you make a lot of money.

        For now, I'll stay on the sidelines although I have been day trading the position which I don't talk about or recommend unless you have the chops.

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