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  • minchie89 minchie89 Nov 19, 2012 12:26 PM Flag

    Whos behind this beatdown?

    You are CORRECT... You MUST BE On the WRONG SIDE of the trade ( you are not SHORT?)
    Most Shorts are UP Big time in this stock as Today was a ALL TIME LOW for SZYM..and they are up 50% already? But GREDDY as hey are they want MORE..

    In the 70's and 80's and 90's it used to be that Most People INVEST in a company and Not look at it
    for years and it when they did look at it it was usually UP.
    Different PAID Market Makers and analist DOWNGRADE a stock and report Lies etc ... (like the TYCo" executives that are in Jail now next to Bernard Swartz) and they have ruined Lives, Bank Accounts $$ etc... Companies such as the likes of INTEL, CSCO, AMD, Bank of America (BAC) etc.. They are DOWN last ten years so What I am saying is MAYBE All us LONGS Should Start Joining these crooks and start SHORTING Stocks? Give it a try and you will see that when the Jim Cramers of the world start PROMOTING a Stock (like Facebook) then it is time to SHORT THEM..
    GLTY (good Luck to You)..... Hang in there and DO NOT MARGIN Unless it is really a Great Price beat Down ( Like $6 for SZYM)

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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