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  • minchie89 minchie89 Jan 2, 2013 10:01 PM Flag

    After Hours UP. .. Shorts will get ripped after $10 by friday.

    Then the Great NEWS will be slowly digested by institutional investment houses and then Like BAM! BAM! BAM! the Shorts will log into their computer and find out that the Bus left them behind and they start panicking and Start Trying to over at $12 then $13 etc...Shorts the Rocket Ship has taken Off trajectory is Away And Beyond to $20+. should have covered at $6.50 when you had the chance as this also is a One time chance as after market and fiscal cliff finally accomplished then OFF to Mars we go!!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Speaking of shorts ... 7.2M as of Dec. 14th ... 20% of float ... wow. Over 2 full weeks of daily volume. Lot of additional buying pressure IF SZYM ignites.

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      • greenguru58 Jan 3, 2013 3:24 AM Flag

        To be precise, it will take the Shorts 12 FULL trading days (so that's 2 1/2 weeks across the calendar) of FULL DAILY VOLUME to cover their positions. Think they got a bit greedy and didn't see the US Gov't support coming in with these incentives? If the $1/gallon tax credit is really retroactive to 2012 then ouch! as this becomes a big bump in revised reporting. February Conference Call will be interesting.

        One would think after the Clinton Plant and Bunge expansion announcement in November they would have moved out, but they kept on shorting (see short interest and price):
        10/31/2012 5,137,929 $8.07
        11/15/2012 6,042,511 $7.80
        11/30/2012 6,901,786 $7.46
        12/14/2012 7,263,160 $8.60 (HIGH = $9.90)

        My guess is they added to their positions just to manage the buying pressure to contain the price for year end reporting (incentives). We hit at $9.90 on Dec-14, and you can you bet your #$%$ they were still selling hard on that day to drive the price down, (clears throat - ahem volume that day was 1,973,400!).

        So now what happens?
        * It becomes more difficult to find shares to short
        * It becomes more difficult to contain the price as it runs up.

        Buy-to-Cover coming soon. Will either be a managed exit or a squeeze.
        My guess is we'll see a few small squeezes over the next 4 months as "news" comes out.

      • I just laugh at the bashers cause this company is obviously set up to be great

    • Can you imagine being SHORT right now, like, what a Nightmare, knowing all your money is slipping away. Was great while you bashed us, now it is your turn. Can't get out, wow, what a feeling!

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