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  • goozle123 goozle123 Jan 26, 2013 4:38 PM Flag

    short interest

    though not nearly as interesting as the upcoming report will be, short interest ticked up slightly and is holding around 7 million shares.

    one thing is undeniable.... lack of cash will not provide shorts with an avenue for covering anytime in the next couple of years at least. development setbacks might, but they will need to be major ones. small Algenist growth? not significant, as the brand means next to nothing to the company's main future. a couple months delay on some plant? not significant, unless there are signs it is indicative of a fundamental problem. scale troubles or other fundamental technology issues? that would be significant.

    if we get all three plants up and running over the next 12-14 months, I personally think things will get pretty hairy for the shorts. I also think that we are more likely to get positive good news (e.g. like Clinton) than we are to get big setbacks.

    BTW, anyone who thinks shorts haven't and won't continue to try to plant stories through media patsies about Solazyme and algae "muck" are horribly naive.

    shorts win. shorts lose. they are smart. they are ruthless. they manipulate stocks illegally every day. but shorts are not always right.

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    • The problem i have with the short float now is this is with the stock in the 7s as opposed to the 14s. On the surface one would think the risk reward shorting here would be terrible as opposed to 100% higher, yet it remains elevated.

      This concerns me, doesnt it concern you and if not, why?

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      • Don't be surprised when shorts get caught getting greedy at the bottom. Longs do it all the time Someone bought all that HPQ in the 40s or Netflix above 200 (some may get a second chance to make this mistake soon) or Apple or bestbuy. Longs get greedy and caught up in a bubble. the chart will never change direction. The fact is that shorts have made nothing but money in this stock. They had a great run. The ones with any discipline are out, That still leaves a whole lot of folks who think they are bulletproof or who only understand one thing about this stock. Shorts have gotten paid. We know that is about to end, they will know in time.

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