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  • cake123xyz cake123xyz Feb 18, 2013 6:13 PM Flag

    Nameplate vs Working capacity (Fool article - 500,000 Liter Fermenter)

    Is there an actual point to this article? Since the tanks revolve around working volume but nameplate capacity is an expression of annual oil expected to be made why does the author focus so much on how not all of the volume is going to be used? If the same facility produces its nameplate capacity, that's all the matters!

    Its weird that the author's next article is bullish. Pokerpro said it best: "the fool has been playin on both side of the fence on this one!"

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    • It might not affect the ending output, but the size of the fermenters can affect the costs to produce product. However, I'm not sure about what the article was getting at apart from trying to show readers that the author knew what he was talking about & that other companies were struggling. I guess Chatsko is going to be not-so-sure bull for now. Haha, he'll probably just end up saying he told us all to get in again below $10 once the stock hits $18 again.

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      • The point of the article was for BlackNGold to **try** to build himself up in the eyes of readers while at the same time taking a backhanded shot at Solazyme longs.

        He actually makes all sorts of little petty digs while downplaying certain items:

        1. Talking about the Solazyme scale press release he says, "If this is true..." If it's true? Yeah, sure, like there's a possibility the whole thing is just a big ruse.
        2. He references the slow speed train wreck at Amyris, but neglects to acknowledge that he referred to the scale up disaster at Amyris as a mere "hiccup" that would be paid for fully and corrected by their prior financing. (oops)
        3. He goes by the 400th day after IPO to compare the companies' stock performance. By doing this he hid the fact that Solazyme, though disappointing since the IPO, has performed better than all the others. Anyone who doesn't think this was intentional is nuts.
        4. Nameplate vs. Liters. His whole litany on this says more about himself than it does about Solazyme. If a plant has a capacity of 100,000MT of oil, then it has a capacity of 100K MTs. And if it's doing it with 500K liters or more, then it's cost should be acceptable (or else why would Bunge even build it!!!). That whole big diatribe was just his way of saying, "Oh you dreamy Solazyme longs. Here's some mud in your eyes." Except that his article was hollow. He's shooting blanks and he's too smug to even know it.
        5. " The public darling of the industrial biotechnology industry has inspired plenty of speculation, especially from those who don't fully understand the industry." The implication of this is that he DOES fully understand the industry --- the guy who stared Amyris' scale up fiasco in the face and said, "No biggie."
        6. "Dozens of red flags were visible when each company went public..." He mentions no such red flags with respect to Solazyme. The company has hit every milestone they posted 18 months ago. He's correct that money in the sector was flowing, but that's just kudos to management on their timing.
        7. He keeps mentioning Codexis with this group. They have little to do with it. But at least he FINALLY mentioned their desperate situation after being left by Shell. He has previously glossed over it.
        8. "I hope what I've shown you illustrates why it's dangerous to read too much into speculations and gives a brief inside glimpse into the engineering aspects facing the industry."

        Actually, Maxx you didn't show us anything other than that you are a hack with a chip on his shoulder.

        Kq nailed it when he said that Maxx will give us an "I told you so" no matter what happens.

        Then of course he does the big CYA where he talks about

        FYI, people, Motley Fool is like Seeking Alpha. The opinions expressed are just those of that contributor. MF isn't playing any side of anything.

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