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  • kqforever kqforever Feb 26, 2013 1:36 AM Flag

    American Natural (Galva, IA) - Prediction

    I'm starting to get convinced that this really is about us.

    1) Not a lot of algal plays in this part of the world... let alone ones that would use a refinery like this.
    2) For that matter, not a lot of algal plays make oil or have a relative relationship with oilseed producers
    3) 1 employee @ szym w/ past @ American Natural - less than 200 employees @ szym, less than 20 @ ANS
    4) size & timeframe could make sense. - up by summer only costs $5.8 mil
    5) advantage - soy crushing facility on site means efficient plant. glycerin available. possible entry into another feedstock as rationale?
    6) animal feed focus - could allow for entry into coproducts market - feed additives?


    I'm going to predict that SZYM is going to use this facility to speed up the production entry @ minimal cost only $5.8 mil for the expansion?. I think they're going to use the glycerin feedstock & given the animal feed focus, attempt to enter into co-products feed market. Just a wild guess. But it makes sense to me.

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    • bump back up due to new info

    • Going to take this one step further....

      Considering that Estee Lauder is already hooked up w/ American Natural, what if this plant's main product is to source the next skin-care line? Everdeep anyone? Not out of the range of possibility is it? IF so, will estee lauder be the next partner? Call that sub-predictions A & B. Seems plausible considering the size of the facility.

    • yet another point to bring up; American Natural is teamed up with Estee Lauder due to its soy lecithin. Could be interesting mix to add more cosmetic chemical variety w/ szym process.

    • I guess one more point to bring up.... That plant is pretty much only bringing in soy & spitting out animal feed, fuel, & glycerin..... None of those seem advantageous for algal processes. But SZYM's glycerin process could be of interest. Considering the expansion seems somewhat small in relation to the size of the plant itself (only $5.8 mil?), it seems possible that the addition might be running solely on glycerin? Remember it took $20 mil to get Peoria up & running - just a thought.

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