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  • kqforever kqforever Feb 26, 2013 8:18 PM Flag


    I don't remember hearing that before perse... but Tyler seemed to go out of his way to state that SRN average selling prices are expected to be "north of $5000/MT." I'm sure the cost to manufacture is going to be higher too, but this is definitely nice to hear. Remember target gross margins were 60%

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    • Actually that is basically the number they have stated since the initial filing with costs of around 2500 per ton, but it was nice to hear it restated today.

      I found it interesting they are going to build the Roquette 50,000 ton plant in the US, but I guess it makes sense as the market for the product is larger, and they already have FDA approval. Since the JV will own that plant I wonder if they will be able to use idle capacity at that plant for other oils if the demand for the SRN stuff doesn't use all the capacity.

    • I honestly think that presentation is enough to spark a rally tomorrow.

    • also made reference to Phase 3 facility like it was a pretty done deal. Phase 3 facility is expected to do $250 million in revenue BY ITSELF (as in, not including phase 1 & 2 facilities). His words, not mine. Nice to hear, given that it was pretty much a free deal all around. Actually in the same presentation Painter referred to original SRN agreement as solazyme selling half of the business to them for $20 million couple years back.

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