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  • retiredscienceteacher retiredscienceteacher Mar 26, 2013 5:39 PM Flag

    Welcome to the Party Pal-shout out to all realizers of Painter's truth telling causing this sell-off

    Wonderful to read all the posts of those disillusioned longs who have finally thrown in the towel.

    While they might not realize the reason for the SZYM collapse, those of us that have read previous SZYM previous PR's since they went public that they pump and then disappoint. Moema-originally stated to be up and operational in spring of end of 4Q2013-and I don't believe that. Cash flow positive in 2013...that ain't gonna happen, very late in 2014 is now what they are "hoping" for. SRN product was stated to sell for 5000 per MT and up...recently quoted by backtracking Kool-ade drinker Quon, was last quoted by Painter as being...and you condescending jerks who can't read or listen to a conference call and HEAR WHAT IS BEING SAID

    From Painters lips..."average selling prices in the fuels and chemicals business starting at 2000 and up, nutrition 2500 and up"

    That's right, not 5000 and up, but 2500 per metric tonne and just got cut in half. And even boot-licker Quon was derelict and didn't catch it or he did what so many on this board did...and ignore it.

    Love the sycophants on this board who claim this is all "sandbagging". It's sandbagging all right, except Wolfson Dillon and Painter are dropping the sandbags, filled with dried concrete, right on you head.

    Welcome to the party pals

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    • Teach: The beauty of your rantings is,.... it makes me sure I've chosen the correct side..... you are a contrarian indicator of blubbering dumbness...

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      • greenguru58 Mar 27, 2013 12:25 AM Flag

        @crush - You do realize these screen names you are all conversing with (I too have been guilty of this) are all the same. They are a representation of the 7+M short shares. Regardless of whether they are a direct representation, hedge-fund representation (e.g. paid basher) or otherwise, they have an agenda.

        KQ comes to the board yesterday and provides valuable research on Galva. Together with intw and politcalcapitalspent they "connect the dots". So what does the shortmachine do? They create subterfuge noise, that is discussion board conversation meant to distract. I sit here and watch as you Longs take the bait (I'm guilty at times too).

        Advice: Ignore the shortmachine.

        It's difficult I admit, especially when their posts are filled with lies and misinformation. What may help is to remind yourself who the shortmachine team is. It's war. Particularly with such a small float and low daily volume, if they can get some of the weak hands to fold their 5,000 shares, 10,000 shares, etc. one trade at a time, then Longs end up helping with their price control.

        It a tactic for them to create fear and get Longs to help their cause. Because it gets painful (and costly) for them to continue to borrow shares so they can sell into this upward trend to control the price. That's why the Short Interest is down in the last 2-week period.

        Note: Since end of November, we have been in an upward trend and now sideways. Shorts need to work harder during these days to control price. Don't help them.

    • Considering how sure you are that thtis company is a scam, you must be short. Just curious how many shares you have sold short and at what price.

    • You realize 5000 qualifies as 2500 and up right? Scroll down further for actual expectations wise guy. Thank goodness you retired before my kids hit the school system.

    • throwing in the towel? seems like many on here cant wait to buy more lol

      You're gonna be sick if this stock runs away from you teach, one morning

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