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  • retiredscienceteacher retiredscienceteacher Apr 5, 2013 8:27 AM Flag

    19 days without an up day (satisfy the 'one day it closed even' nitpickers)

    Another day, another 3% loss.

    You all know why this stock cannot stop the slide

    management, management, management

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    • In the words of Alan Swann in "My Favorite Year"

      "You can count on me...I will always let you down."

      Down she goes, another day
      19 down days in a row

      I'm ROTFLMAO

    • Some would say the stock is holding up well considering. Considering? The stock has been down 18 days in a row.

      Trust me, this stock will be down a higher percentage than the S+P by 4pm. Why?

      Because management disappoints, misleads and lies on every front.
      Lowered Revenues for 2013 and 2014
      Lower Earnings for 2013 and 2104
      Delay at Clinton of 12 months
      Delay of Moema for at least 6 months(originally scheduled to open in spring of 2013...I notice none of you anal sphincters try and argue with me on this one)
      Delay of SRN facility of at least 8 months(from original estimate)
      No offtake agreements
      Lies on website

      Wolfson and Dillon and Painter getting the rubber stamp board(you guys suck) to issue them millions of shares for driving the stock price into the ground(Thank you board of directors!, you represent everything we have come to expect in BOD's in America...cowards and parasites)

      Wolfson and Dillon and Painter...(if you held your shares the above comment would be irrelevant.) sell hundreds of thousands of shares every month...Man Up, if you believe in the company then hold these shares until the company turns a profit...a**holes

      Claiming that companies can't commit to SZYM because it will hurt the current suppliers feelings...well cry me a river. That dog won't hunt and you know it. It is because the people you want to sell to don't think you can do what you claim you can. That is why is was so important for you not to lie about Clinton and claim it can't be producing product until March 2014. If you could produce product that Dow would accept the share price would jump to $20 overnight. So why don't you? Because you can' you invent some #$%$ about how the "government is holding us back with those darn regulations". What a load of #$%$...a giant load of #$%$. Bite me, this dog won't hunt either.

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