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  • o08o.ugh64w o08o.ugh64w Apr 12, 2013 8:37 AM Flag

    Where does profit come from?

    Why is SG&A so huge?

    Why is senior management pay so high?

    I can appreciate high R&D, but I'm not seeing where this becomes a viable business that makes a profit at some point.

    All I see is a ballooning loss on the bottom line year after year. What I see as likely events on the horizon are 1. a secondary share offering because they are going to need cash since they burn through it so quickly, 2. continued share price decline as shareholders will be diluted to get more funding, 3. an eventual reverse split to be able to repeat the process.

    This looks quite like most development stage biotech/biopharma companies.

    Enlighten me.


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    • You're making a lot of baseless assertions prior to actually understanding what's going on. I also recommend you actually take the time to read about the company rather than thinking you're getting the entire story through the financial records. Kevin Quon's articles help, but the company has actually been very explicit as to what they're planning to do.

      To answer your questions in short, you're looking at the company from a perspective prior to their commercialization phase which is beginning by year's end. Within 2 years, the company will likely have more than 10x the current revenues when their large facilities come online - and at impressive margins too. The revenues you are looking at now are entirely made from research grants with partner companies and a splattering of high margin cosmetic sales with costs of virtually nothing. The real gem for the company lies in its ability to tailor oils that no established ag seed competitor is thus far able to do - Monsanto? DuPont? Yeah, they're going to have real competition in the large (but often overlooked) market for oilseeds very soon....

    • Read the Kevin Quon articles on Solazyme in Seeking Aplha starting on Dec 28, 2011. If they do not answer all your questions, move on this is not the stock for you.

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