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  • stevegrogan04 stevegrogan04 Feb 27, 2014 6:06 PM Flag

    Expect a stairway chart over the next week

    A jump at the open and then relatively tight trading sideways the rest of the day, like today completing a nice stairway chart. Over 1.5 mill in vol every day.

    That's my prediction.

    Forming a new base and support at current levels, $15 by the end of next week.

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    • Steve:
      Take a look at a long tern chart,…. today was a big day.
      This previous high here was 7/03/2012,….. the high of the day was $14.34 and it closed at $14.19.
      We closed above those numbers today and if we can blow thru 14.75, this goes to 16.

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      • greenguru58 Mar 11, 2014 10:28 PM Flag

        The highest price of the long sideways trend SZYM has been in is at $16.31 (Aug 5 2012).

        While I don't see $16.31 necessarily as resistance, when SZYM does break past this point, then the $20s will be easily in reach.

        Another thing to consider is momentum.

        Look at the momentum that started on Jul 15 2011 and ended Oct 14 2011.
        A run from $27.47 to $7.68.
        Just 13 weeks.
        That's downward momentum - the shorts piling in.

        If we were to see the same momentum in reverse - the shorts pulling out.
        Then it would look like this.

        If the same momentum but upwards starting on Feb 21 2014 would end on May 23 2014.
        A run from $11.02 to $39.38
        Just 13 weeks.
        That would be the same momentum - but with the shorts pulling out.

        This is the comparison to focus on.

      • Ya, I think 16 is doable. Even this week. But even if it takes a few more weeks I'm ok with it.

        I wonder if the shorts went long and are now slipping out on dips? I have to imagine the number will show a lower amount shorted next report. I would be shocked if it didn't.

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    • Bring up a one month chart. Tell me that doesn't look like a stairway. My $15 prediction coming up.

    • Huh, down . . . like on an escalator.

      You another closet short?

    • SG, Considering that the PPS seemed to be pinned today close to the March 14 options at $12.50, maybe the shorts will fight further rises until they run out of powder. I can understand a stair step progression if new buyers come in to start each day. I wanted $15 at end of today, but Ill be happy with next week.

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      • This post turned on a light for me. I've been posting along with a couple others about how little premium is being built into the options, which still amazes me. Then we got the info today about the short interest increasing again on 2/28. Clearly the shorts have not given up the ship, although based on this week they may be just about out of gas. In any event - does anyone think that part of the reason for the lack of option premiums is simply because shorts are writing naked calls and dangling attractive prices out there in a last ditch attempt to try and make some money back? If you're desperate and keep getting crushed, that just may be their only remaining PLAY other than cutting bait and moving on to a different symbol. Anyone have any thoughts on that? I'll say this - if we go cruising past $15, that's going to put a whole new level of in the money options on the table that's gotta be KILLING these shorts. I'm talking EPIC DISASTER. March $15's could be had for $.05 not that long ago - as many as you wanted. Imagine those are worth $1 on 3/21? YIKES!! I'm going to say it one more time......if you like this company, long term or short term, you have to take a look at the available options between now and June. If you buy in the money you are taking no more risk than if you bought the actual stock. If you want to roll the dice, there's obviously potential to really crush it.

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