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  • settman69 Mar 8, 2014 4:06 PM Flag

    2014 EPS/Rev estimates

    The stock is on the verge of a breakout and the bar continues to be lowered with the loss now - $1.50 on 117M rev.

    A great position to be in for the company and shareholders as investors look to 2015 and beyond

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    • Not only has the bar been lowered re rev's and losses, but production as well, even margins.

      Prod? Despite Clinton's solid first month, and Brazil around the corner, its now widely accepted by the pundits that it will take at least 12 months but as long as 18 for capacity. Any announcements re ramp up in production prior to 12 months, will be viewed as incredible news. Bump.

      Margins? The street wants 2000MT. That's the bar. Something tells me, and maybe its just me, this number will be surpassed. Any announcement that szym is selling above 2000MT, bump again.

      And don't forget any news partners, ventures, etc., e.g. milk, bump again.

      We could be in for a lot of bump up over the next 12 months. Settman, enjoy the ride. I certainly will.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 1 Reply to kingsalt
      • King:
        Don't talk smack you can't back up.
        Fact is, Moema was supposed to be open 2 Q's ago….. SZYM was supposed to be CASH FLOW POSITIVE in 2014 and now won't be…. these 2 things are out of Wolfson's mouth in CC and will not happen…. he's the guy who set expectations and is now missing them.
        Now that said, there's plenty of great things ahead for this company.
        But if you don't think that when the CEO misses on cash expectations will be used by the other side to drive the stock down,…. you should rethink your thesis….

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