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  • mrbroms mrbroms Apr 13, 2014 11:29 AM Flag

    Another take on David Cole, MLP, and Hawaii

    This topic keeps holding my interest. I don't feel that Solazyme needs to get involved in resort real estate in Hawaii with a 2000 acre pineapple farm attached. However, if there is a play, I do like the idea of a Solazyme sugar plantation/ fermentation facility in Hawaii. The whole process. Loading up a tanker with up to 300,000 dwt of product bound for Japan (4000 miles) in 10 days. While another tanker heads for the California coast (2500 miles) in 6 days. Also servicing China as well. All run, of course, by Soladiesel. And if David Cole can get the Hawaiian govt to pay a chunk of it..... Even better. Hawaii goes green and less dependent on imported oil and It keeps the IP nice and protected. No JVs.... All profit.
    Now that's the definition of " Island Paradise "!!

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    • And... I'm sure the military would love locally-grown green fuel for their U.S. Pacific Fleet stationed in Pearl Harbor. They would probably throw in a ton of cash for 'national security' reasons.

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      • With CINCPACFLT being stationed in Hawaii I guess you could think that but the bulk of naval assets in the 3rd and 7th fleet are split between Yokosuka, Everett, Pearl and San Diego. Count in the carrier air wings scattered all over the place and I think this is a non-starter. The Navy is not stationed in Pearl. Take all of that away and I don't see the need for anything in Hawaii.

      • oh, yeah. totally.

        Re-starting sugar and pineapple plantations that were shuttered for economic reason, on relatively tiny bits of Hawaiian land, in an extraordinarily high-cost area for the sake of providing fuel for the U.S. Military.

        Tons of Federal Government cash........... national security.........

        Oh yeah, love it. Very well thought out.

        That such fuel could never be made at a cost acceptable to anyone is just a minor detail. I'm sure it would be a bipartisan decision to spend first and iron that out later.

        Oh, and of course that wouldn't be on BioEnergy's land, as their stated mission is to serve domestic Hawaiian needs.

        And then Hawaii would unfortunately need to rapidly increase in size in order to provide the necessary land to grow that much sugar on -- but hey, the volcanoes are erupting all the time. Right? And in the meantime, they could power a couple of frigates each year.

        U..........S...........A !!!!!!!!!!!

        U..........S...........A !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You should send an email to Solazyme with your idea. I doubt that they haven't considered it but who knows.

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