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  • fed_up_with_all_the_nonsense fed_up_with_all_the_nonsense Aug 13, 2014 10:15 AM Flag

    Fact v Fiction

    So, shorts are focused on the debacles of KIOR, GEVO, AMRS, that have all had massive challenges at one point or another. The reality is that the chemistry here is vastly different than the chemistry used in those companies. As such much of what you read on this blog really is nonsense being used to push the stock down because the likelihood of contamination is vastly lower because of the chemistry. So, what to do? The reality is SZYM has missed one q after another for years. They have not blown up completely, but this nonsense of missing quarters consistently is alienating one investor after another. Their job is really simple now.....the expectations out there are not all that challenging, so it is time for them to start blowing out numbers significantly. If they fail to start seriously out delivering this will never turn into a great investment. It is unfortunate that management appears to miss this most basic element about investing. I applaud them for not completely screwing up but they fail to understand that they are alienating investors and each time they do that they are hurting their long term multiple. I have seen this many times as CEOs that really do not understand WS fail to understand that listening to bankers is the wrong thing to do. Bankers get paid by transactions and could care less about misleading investors. Simply put, they get their fees and they are happy. IT is about time this company stop raising capital and start delivering capital to its shareholders. All this nonsense about no announcements is ridiculous. The greatest CEOs ever never gave guidance or made announcements. What they did do was guard their equity like hawks and out-deliver on Cash flow year in and year out. This CEO needs to start cranking up cash flow/returns and start being a good steward of investor capital. Everything is set for this to happen right now.

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    • I asked you a specific question and you've ignored it.
      You claim to have met and talked with Wolfson on a couple of occasions…… I'll ask again.

      Under what specific circumstances did you meet Wolfson and what did you talk about?

    • I listened and read the last conference call. Management (Wolfson) understands that the company now has to execute and deliver sales and production. I think plant expansion plans remain on hold until operations gets the current plants working at a capacity level where management feels confident they can produce what they have sold. The key then remains plant operations. I wait, like others, to determine if Solazyme can start to realize its potential.

    • Don't understand why this post got 12 likes!!! Most of what your saying is asinine!!!

    • Well said and Amen

    • To anyone considering this post, and most (not all) of this string... Move along--there's nothing to see here. Just a bunch of long-winded airbags (Excluding Goozle) trying to blow a lot of nasty smoke around a company they want to see collapse.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • I agree with you. But you can not expect the joker CEO to achieve anything. He may be fitting in the role of chief product officer at most, definitely NOT a CEO material. The stock is going no where unless the board finally understands his limited ability and find a CEO who can really achieve potential for this company. You should write a letter to Carl Icahn to start a proxy fight for this baby. It has lots of potential bury by the incompetent CEO.

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      • fed_up_with_all_the_nonsense fed_up_with_all_the_nonsense Aug 13, 2014 11:44 AM Flag

        I have met with Wolfson a couple of times. He is clearly arrogant which is always a veneer covering some other inadequacy up, but I am not convinced he is a complete joker yet. Maybe that makes me the fool. He is cautious and understands that he really only has one shot at this. But, consistently setting rich expectations and not meeting them just to raise capital wreaks of other inadequacies that I have yet to identify. It is certainly possible that the expectations were genuine, but the probability is very low given the number of quarters of missing expectations. The more I study the results the more it looks like Wolfson does not understand his job as a steward of capital. As a steward of capital his job is to maximize shareholder value. Many argue how to measure this but to me the litmus test is when you sell something to an investor. The more time goes by without clearly meeting, if not beating expectations, the clearer it is that management misrepresented reality in order to get capital from investors. To most high quality investors that is the worst thing you can do. And what CEOs do not realize is that each time you do this you have lost some high quality investors forever, regardless of what the bankers tell you. They are gone and by definition the lower the number of potential investors, the less efficient the market and hence the lower the multiple. But, given where they are, I think there is a growing probability that they are on the cusp of really delivering some exciting results. So, if that does not happen I guess I am the fool and new leadership is warranted.

    • You act as if they've been dilly-dallying around. So I suppose it actually only costs $60 million to build Moema and only 5 months to scale it and only 7 weeks to get food companies to fully switch ingredients. But they're just doing it their way because they are slackers.

      "They need to start cranking out cash flow..."

      Yeah, that's really insightful. I'm sure they'll get right on that. I'm sure it would have happened long ago, but they lost track of themselves.

      They're smart and hard working. You're a whining POS.

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      • fed_up_with_all_the_nonsense fed_up_with_all_the_nonsense Aug 13, 2014 11:09 AM Flag

        Its unfortunate that you have such little knowledge and maturity that you have to lower yourself to name calling to attempt to make a hollow uniformed point. What you fail to understand is that when you sell shares to the public you have a fiduciary obligation to honor the promises/expectations you have set. The fact that they have underperformed expectations for years is not up for debate and clearly indicates a lack of respect for their investors. That usually happens when the executive suite lacks knowledge and listens to ibankers rather than intelligent strategic investors. If it was for a few quarters I would understand it because things do happen especially with new technologies. But, this is not a few quarters. This is very close to looking like a deliberate lack of respect for shareholders. The implications of this are extremely toxic for the long term multiple of this entity. I am putting this out here in an attempt to educate the executive suite. I am sorry if I have offended your delicate disposition.

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