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  • ichlo ichlo Sep 28, 2011 2:09 PM Flag

    why the drop?

    Hey guys, I have checked this stock for a while. Why the drop? What did I miss in the past month?

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    • The Chinese government apparently took over a bunch of websites recently and spooked investors. Can't blame them. Remember, these stocks trade in the U.S., but they are ADR's, so you're depending on the Chinese government to recognize ownership in the end. If the Chinese simply said, "These companies are ours," like they did with the other websites, the shares become worthless. The Chinese gov't is a brutal dictatorship and rules with an iron fist. They believe in censoring everything in order to keep their people in line, so, if the web begins to show people there what life can be like outside a dictatorship (which may cause revolts), they may simply pull the plug. This is very unlikely, but the risk is definitely there and has been brought to mind by these other takeovers.

    • No Panic, seat and wait for up when ER date is issued!

    • High beta internet stocks are being sold off/shorted.

      Chinese stocks are being sold off/shorted.

      SOHU is both so...

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