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  • szwalker szwalker Nov 20, 2012 10:02 AM Flag

    Google VP visits Sogou

    Interesting. Google vice president Stu Feldman led a delegation of 30 people and visited Sohu's internet search company Sogou several days ago. (somehow I couldn't post this message with the link to the Chinese web page)

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    • This makes sense. Google will joint venture with sogou to fight bidu. This is a win win cooperation.
      Google need local enterprise. It proved google for itself, can't beat bidu because they don't understand the roles or want to abid the roles of china. Google can't ignore china market. They clearly see how much value Yahoo get from their invest in Alibaba. Of course, they also need becareful to avoid the delima of Alipay. That's why they work on the detail of the cooperation now.
      On the other side, gogou is not strong enough in technology to fight bidu either. If they work together, they could combine both strength and split half of the pie from bidu which is attractive for both of them. Qihu is nothing in search. It's easy to prove Qihu is lie about their search volume, put any simple word in google, bidu, sogou and qihu and see how many results come from these engine each. I can't believe 10 times less result could win 10% market in their words. Qihu has very bad reputation in china. It cheat user, it steals competitor, it does competition in illegal way. I'm not surprised one day proved it is fraudulant. Sohu has good reputation and over 10 years leadership in china internet market. It doesn't make a lot of noise like Sina does, but solid grow their business and make money for more than 10 years!!! They have the platform to support their video business until making money. Yoku only has their IPO money to burn. Sohu has other business profit to support the long term battle. I believe sohu will win.
      There is no way bidu will buy sohu. Sohu is never for sale. If you are Charles Zhang, will you sale your money making machine? Sohu buy RENN, no way. Sohu bought ChinaRen before already. That business never takes off. Renn's business model is trash.That never work in china.
      I wish I kept my investment in Sohu when it was a dollar, while, not too late to realize this will continue to grow now. I believe the good news coming soon.
      Come on, Google, move forward, don't let the opportunity slip away.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • It's really interesting news. Here is from google translate of the news:

      Reporter was informed today (November 9) a week ago, Google vice president Stu Feldman led a delegation to the low-key went Sogou visit conducted in-depth exchanges with the core technical team led Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan.

      Google delegation a total of more than 30 people, including search, advertising, maps and other senior technology executives, including a number of technical director, the chief architect of the product, high gold content. The Sogou desktop search, user platform three Division core technical team also out in force, the best of the elite.

      In August 2011, split Sogou, beyond Google China traffic share of 10.45%. 360 in August of this year reached the search, Sogou not only unaffected but traffic rose by virtue of the three-stage rocket mode with Baidu, 360 with staged "3SB ​​war".

      , Google has taken note of the results Sogou, also very recognized Sogou technological innovation in the field of Chinese Internet user experience, so there will be the exchange of learning.

      "I am a big fan of Google, have very high regard for the pursuit of technological innovation, and do not be evil philosophy. Sogou in the industry which is the most like Google." Said chuan opening.

      Google is currently a Senior Technical Director asked Sogou input method is doing very well in terms of user experience, how to grasp? Sogou general manager of the Desktop Division have found that answer. "The Sogou style is equal dialogue product managers and technical staff, product manager on the one hand to play close to the advantage of the user experience, on the one hand, R & D personnel also need to make technological breakthroughs. Input method is the use of technology, the extraction of the wisdom of the entire Internet for Internet users Service. "

      "Latest knowledge map will cause data site uneasy? Significance for the development in the future of the industry is how to consider?" The Sogou search team showed great interest in Google technology index mapping knowledge. The mapping knowledge will be the data source link, to better help users access to these sites map to promote a better understanding of people's real-world, advancing the field of artificial intelligence, such as speech recognition, machine translation. "Google to answer.

      In addition to how to do product experience-driven, knowledge map trends, both innovative browser on how to promote the html5 development, the Chinese the netizens characteristics as well as other matters depth exchanges.

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