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  • tiredloretta tiredloretta Nov 12, 2009 3:02 PM Flag

    today asking Jim Cramer about hogs

    I am going to ask Jim Cramer about hogs today. It will be on the lightening round. Hope he has good things to say about it. I've been called and for sure will be on.

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    • Why would you ask the village idiot about anything. If you think Cramer is a stock god then you have a major lack of ability to do your own due diligents. This guy know nothing about the stock market. If you would read more articles about him and his stock picking ability you would run to the hills. Remember 2009 he said would be the year of the natural gas and CHPK was solid buy. Larry Kudlow is the other village idiot on CNBC.

    • From roth..... Our $18 target is based on 10.3 times our revised 2010 EPS of $1.75, equal to a peer-group multiple traded in the U.S. and a 41% discount to the closest competitor listed in Hong Kong.

      a 41 % discount, yurun may be bigger but i don'y think that size of discount is warranted.

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      • i see us heading there too, back to the upper part of the Bolinger Band...

        in any event, i am a big fan of Cramer, not so much ALL of his opinions, but at least his general philosphy. i am also a fan of other Chineese stocks: FEED, CNOA, SVA... I see great valuations and also technical opportunities to buy back in.

        HOGS looks good at this price... down to the 12.5 level, and then to sell up to (16 - 19 range) in a few months ;)

        OT, SVA took a nice jump - looks good 8-10 % below its current price, it has SCARY opportunity for growth that is complemented by media coverage!

    • whatever anyone thinks about this stock doesn't change the underlying fundamentals driving both the top and the bottom line growth of companies competing in this space, whether it be Hogs or Yurun or Henan Shuanghui. From a relative valuation perspective, Hogs is the least expensive of the ones I follow.

    • i dont put too much stock in cramer's picks...merger of Sirius and Xm..cramer said would go up to $6/sh...since merger now at .66/share...thank god i dont his comments too seriously. HOGS has surprised on the upside the past 3 quarters, good balance sheet, and tremendous upside for expanding their business within the growing Chinese economy. one poster stated that they will grow by volume..aka Walmart...whereby they wont have to necessarily be relying on having pork prices to increase. Strong Buy at these current levels!

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      • Hi,

        For what it's worth IBD likes HOGS. I have never paid too much attention to Cramer. Also, in his "Lightning Round" isn't he responding off-the-cuff? Thus, isn't there a chance he doesn't know HOGS particular's and just provided a blanket response?

        What are some of your thoughts on IBD/CAN-SLIM? I've just started learning about it and it seems like a straightforward and potentially useful method.

        Thanks, Chris

    • What Kramer said...

      Zhongpin (HOGS Quote): "I'm not doing that one. Everyone says I have to recommend more Chinese stocks, but every time I do, I lose money. "

      Basically he said nothing specifically bad about HOGS. I think Effend's analysis is reasonable. I'm losing money on the stock but it's so cheap and there is such clear visibility for good growth. There's a good case for multiple expansion. I don't know how long Wall Street can ignore the macro-case for Chinese consumer expansion in how they value these stocks. I'm still long those other two stocks mentioned on the earlier post (for the same reasons)

    • hey loretta. i just saw it. i'm assuming you don't like what he had to say. don't worry. i look at it as a buy now that he has put a sell recommendation on it. :-P