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  • sbarochia sbarochia Apr 6, 2010 12:28 PM Flag


    Agree with all the posts evaluating the value of this company.

    It is way undervalued with low P/E, low P/S, low PEG, low P/BV.

    To bring the price up, start paying small divident to investors may not be a bad idea.

    Any input?

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    • I would prefer they keep obtaining market share. CC mentioned that the opportunity to gain share and alluded to desire to be a national player. They are well positioned to be successfull in transitioning from a regional brand to national brand. If you can absorb the volatility in the short run, this should be a good medium to long term hold. Menwhile, trade the range between Mid 11s and 12s to mid 13s and 14s.
      I do not think a dividend would be best use of capital, the owners and Company management of this stock more interested in growth and rightfully so. But its still a China basic commodity play and trades at the whims of the MMs and Overall market sentiment. So don't bet the farm! (Pun intended)