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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Jul 19, 2011 1:03 PM Flag

    What's up? Columbine just upgraded to outperform.

    Those reports are weeks old before publishing. Do you really think those geeks are checking the daily CC or the items in CER?

    Half the people on this board have more on the ball than these rating agencies.

    Believe differently and I'll sell you some real estate in Florida.

    I know it's going "up" because all the banks and the rating agencies told me so!


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    • Wrong. Companies don't issue opinions on outdated reports. Not companies like Columbine whose reputation is on the line. They are the best in the sector.

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      • Well, they may be the best in the sector, but if you think they were waiting with baited breath for the CC this morning after all the briefings to whoever and whatever in their heirarchy, if you think they are out pounding the streets in all those provinces looking for port slaughtered in all the right places, I'll sell you some real estate in Florida.

        Hint: NOBODY is on the ground pounding the streets on behalf of these guys, you're going, and I'm going, and the folks at the CC asking the questions are going on blind faith.

        Nobody is clocking these guys, and for sure, CER isn't the greatest place in the world where statisticians with Nobel Prizes for accurarcy reighn.

        As long as you're going by records and reports all you got is blind faith, and hopefully you have been reading all about reverse mergers and the excesses as a result.

        The entire reverse merger sector is taking a beating this morning because of Zhongpin and the history of other braggard firms that preceded it. The thing is, even CER says this is a going firm.
        How much and where it is going remains to be seen.