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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Jul 20, 2011 11:10 AM Flag

    CER Report: They're THERE, the others NOT

    There isn't a single agency that has actually walked the walk and been on the ground researching ZHONGPIN's claims other than CER.

    The other agencies basis is records and reports by the company itself. None of those clowns have left and armchair to find out what is what. They're all armchair BS artists too effete and too removed to validate what they're being told. We've yet to hear of the outcome of the SEC visitation to Hong Kong of the 11-12 july time frame.

    For all the problems they have, including nameless blogging, you really need CER's report to find they went to look for retail stores and found a hundred, not thousand. They went to hog suppliers and found 10% of the the buying volume.

    How this company can do that, essentially brag in its SEC disclosures has to do with the communist mindset, a Communist commonplace occurrence--I can remember the five year plans and how successful the Soviets said they were doing, right up until they went belly up country wide in 1990.

    You guys are putting your money in a faithless scenario, in which the Chinese are the new Japanese of 1980's, climbing out of the stone age. Thinking there isn't fraud out there in reverse merger land, you got to be kidding.

    EVERY single reverse merger has been filled with BS.

    EVERY ONE. I can't find any that are legit.

    Can you?

    HOGS is real, but at 10% the level reported.

    And where are those $177M in cash it collected from the public offering?

    I'll take a Swiss bank account from anybody. I just want to know where it disappeared to.

    If these guys were betting on the come, they made a terrible mistake, innocent or not.

    And this stock is a penny stock.

    I had 26000 shares and walked away a few thousand to the bad, and consider myself lucky.

    Do you feel lucky on faith based investing?

    I don't.

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