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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Jul 24, 2011 3:02 PM Flag

    If you got the 7/11 account, do you count each store?

    as an outlet. Is a pack of cigerettes, a pack, or twenty ciggy's?


    If each store has the right to carry its brand base separately, they're all Mom and Pop stores that have to be convinced to carry the brand independently, like Pepsi machine dispensers in the US each building.

    If there is some massive supply deal at the Corps HQ in 7/11 in each province, then there could be argument, there is only the one or five big deals.

    My guess is, this is a Mom and Pop operation, a few hundred meals sold per week at best each store, contacted to and contracted for by a massive group of individual sales people, or a phone mill.

    It's a small market, even with 1200 outlets, and the distribution is extremely primitive and small. That leaves me to believe 100,000 hogs a year, not millions of hogs a year. Maybe five million POUNDS of hog meat.

    I think this is a going outlet, with a Model T style distribution network, with a bunch of tiny stores.

    If CER is right, what is the value of a growth company that is on the NASDAQ at lowest level.

    What is the highest value.

    The truth is, somewhere inbetween.

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