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  • trader1896 trader1896 Apr 10, 2012 11:09 AM Flag

    Who are those insider traders......?

    According the SEC and Chinese Press, the following guys are nameed as suspected inside traders: 84765.shtml

    Siming Yang, 35, Chinese, New York, Worked at Baron Capital ManageMEnt until 3-30-2012, Owner of Prestige Trading Investemtn, Registered Virgin Island, Business Guangdond China;

    Caiyin Fan, 38, Chinese, Guangdong, Co-Owner of Account with Siming Yang;

    Eric Chang, 33, Chinese, Hongkong, former Security Analyst at Deutch Bank Hongkong;

    Biao Cang?29?Chinese, Hongkong;

    Jia Wu?29?Chinese, Taizhou, Jiangsu;

    Ming Ni?29?, Chinese, Hongkong.

    Looks they are more like a close ring (such rings not unseed on Wall Street too) based in the southern China Guangdong-Hongkong with several guys with experiences in the industry. They are in the similar age 29-38. They try to steal inside information through various way or connections including bribe. That happened quite often in Chinese stock market today if you know the Chinese market.

    We don't know so far what kind of direction connetions with Company's Management if any, but according SEC charges, they are looks different with GEDU. In the case of GEDU, direct connections with the management are in the charges. SEE: l,,

    HOGS CEO Mr. Zhu is well known in China with a relative high reputaton, and he is Henan people's representative, His personal weath in HOGS alone is close $100 million. It is unconceivable that Mr. Zhu and his direct family would involve such ring/scheme to share a $9 million profit to tarnish his reputation and damage his huge financial gain by a smooth going-private deal for his company then relisted A market in China later. In addition, Mr. Zhu never sold a share of his holding in the company since IPO serveral years ago, very few among insiders of the company.

    Even at our Wall Street, many way those information leaked, bribed or stolen, lawyers, investment banks, advisors, secretaries, staffs, even news media, off course some individual board memembers. Probably worse in China.

    On the other hand, It is the burden for SEC to approve this group is commit a fraud. Giving the stock hit lows after company's bad earning report on 3-14-2012 and its CFO hinted in November 21, 2011 the company might seeking going-private option in near future:, This group has some reasons to say a ligit action on their gamble purchase. This case could drag over years. However, if they are real crooks they must be kicked out...

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