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  • kent_fiftyseven kent_fiftyseven Sep 23, 2010 8:36 AM Flag

    X-Tra! Study confirms Ili can see into the Future!

    UNC Chapple Hill Scientific Study says that Patented genetic test has the ability to predict whether OA sufferer's disease will become severe with 50% accuracy! This is very good news for Ili, bigger than all their other tests conbined. OA is one of the biggest crippling diesease in the world and the biggest in the US. Read all about it in Scientific Daily at this link
    It's not too late to buy this stock. I'm predicting $3.00 by the end of the year.

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    • LMAO! i suspect you also make predictions with 50% accuracy! do you even understand how useless is 50% accuracy in medicine???

      amuse me some more and tell us what will be the pps by end of 2010 if you are (equally likely) wrong... $0.15?

      the only way this pos is going to hit $3.00 any time soon is via a RS.

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      • I think he meant to say 'twice as likely' in regards to severe OA occuring in people with these genetic markers.... not 50% accuracy (if u read the press release). Anyhow details s/b given tomorrow perhaps.

        I believe this stocks fate will be decided by amway, not the market..... as there are only a handful of shares being traded by retail, barely any institutional investors, etc .... so day to day stock price is insignificant and just about meaningless in my opinion (how can $1000 of trading bring down a stock by millions). so question is will amway want to dump more shares?

        amway scares me.... they like private ownership (which may be good for ILI if future revenue from insurance companies is possible) but they have some really shady stuff going on as well seemingly (if you dig into them a little bit) so don't what they'll do? any idea's??


      here's a good article on the crazy increases in periodontal disease (bad spelling?). its a costly industry.... with a 4000 patient study ili is in collabaration with to reaffirm/improve their current (already approved in NY) test ILI really can jump into the 'insurance accepted' world of Myriad. I thought u were nuts before Ken when u said that about Myriad in another thread but I'm gonna agree w/you (might be awhile later than 6 months or could happen next week haha.... don't know what amway will do though??? dump more stock? increase credit line ?

    • i'd like the details on the results..... maybe saturday? 4 to 11 years trials on 1200 people.... their research strategy is golden.... they can jump on and hop a ride on other trials (is this partially funded by CDC- the entire arthritis project in NC??? ).....

      By the time big pharma gets in tune might be cheaper to buy the genetic sequences and research from ili types rather than using their own research clubs? this might be the first myriad type test for them huh? Like how ILI seems to be positioning into becoming profitable for development of drugs (big pharma) while their dtc retail future is in the hands of the fda gods

      thats a lot of writing anyhow last thing gonna say these types of tests (dental, weightloss) can be huge for patients and insurance down the road..... knee replacements i believe are always a hit or miss would be great to use this test for development of drugs and to know whether to gamble on taking the stairs. will the common stockholders get screwed by amway so they can recoup their $$ if (or when) it comes together?

    • Finally...Someone who has done their homework and understands what iliu really has.
      This is the future and it's only a matter of time.

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