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  • skibum1985 skibum1985 Sep 26, 2010 7:04 PM Flag

    X-Tra! Study confirms Ili can see into the Future!

    Amway/alticor has had a multitude of opportunities to take out independent investors. Remember a few years ago when they paid
    i $5.65 per share? I really am not worried about Alticore, just Ili's ability to be economically viable.

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    • sorry wasn't around for that particular buy out but wasnt alticor buying out a private company? were they also already running the board previous to that buyout you are referring to?

      Anyhow this is the first time i've been involved in a stock so tiny with a huge global giant already holding its controlling shares (i'm a rookie). I'm really not worried but rather curious about how this one fans out I guess because of this scenario.

      Has anyone been caught in the crossfire by situation like this? I'm sure its all legal (and common practice thru holding companies), but suppose 'economically viable' happens to ILI or is rather 'foreseen'.... what will happen then? dump more shares so alticor can continue to control the company on somone elses dime until profit is guaranteed ( isn't this like their current biz model now with their other independent owner busnisses? haha). Or will they buyout a company they already control???? lots of possibilities here.... its just odd. No more dabbling in OTC stocks for me thats fer sure..... and amway should stop dabbling in OTC stocks too.... its bad for their image in my opinion!

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