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  • skibum1985 skibum1985 Oct 11, 2010 8:11 PM Flag

    Is there hope

    Volume was strong...strongest in weeks and we closed at .43 cents. Can there be anything brewing?

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    • Sure the volume was good, but most all the trades were at .34 - .36! the last trade of the day was 200 shares at .43. What is up with that?

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      • I'm thinking there is only one person doing the bulk of all the selling. Someone with a lot of shares. The big trades don't seem to be a problem getting filled. At the end of the day I think that because this stock is so thinly traded that he has the ability to move the stock up a large amount by doing both the buying and selling. In other words at the last minute of the day he puts in a market order to buy 200 shares and it gets filled by his limit order to sell at .43. Hoping that this will move the price up for his next day's selling. I hope he can move the stock upwards to about $3.00 lol. Otherwise, I am just hoping that there will be some good news soon.

    • a few more days of decent volume and staying above .40 would be nice.... I might agree w/you if this keeps up.... gonna be intersting as early Nov some earnings and FDA meetings (round 2 on dtc genetic tests) occur.

      Also, too soon to tell but looks like FDA might lean towards takin a moderate stance towards regulation (why else are they creating the gentic test registry?).

      Nov 2 should be interesting.... good news there and good news on earnings (like last qtr - delisting) just a few days later.... ILI just might be back with a $20 million market cap.

      Like I've said before....II hope ILI can court industry 'ballers' to help insurance companies see the light..... that is the cost/preventative benefits of these types of tests in the distant future cuz no insurance company gonna take amway alone so seriously.

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