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  • skibum1985 skibum1985 Mar 1, 2011 7:34 PM Flag

    Possible earnings??

    With the many (relatively speaking for Ili) posts regarding diet centers using the obesity test, does anyone have any feel as to possible volume? Does anyone think that this beaten down stock could possibly be approaching a break even quarter? As an aside... it's almost a year since the conference at Stamford and the hype and excitement we felt. My WSJ article is turning to dust .

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    • Anyone have any new feel for possible earnings? Don't have a warm and fuzzy feeling given that there is no volume and zero news

    • Possible Earnings?????
      How about a possible heartbeat!!!!
      No News For Months...In The Words of that famous poet Charlie Brown "Good Grief"

    • Be aware that Amway has unleashed the inherent tests onto their IBO's as part of a strategy to seemingly help jumpstart their US Business by offering something 'exotic' you can't find in stores perhaps? In fact they have reworked diet plans and supplements around the ili weight test (see their marketing/diet campaign on their website). Would be great if they can get Kurt Warner to take one of tests haha.

      Anyhow seems like their IBO's have really begun pushing the tests recently so would be interesting what happens (could backfire as snake oil).... Just be weary that some of these websites u hit are not clinics but people trying to upsell the tests at a higher price.

      Also, I guess it could be interesting what FDA will say next week about dtc tests..... Could be a breakout week if some solution that greenlights ili is hinted ( I know wishful thinking) but obviously their partnering with the big boys cannot happen until the future of this industry gets out of the FDA limbo.

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      • It's funny- if you look at the 'analyst' estimates someone has them earning 850k 4th qtr 2010 and 2.3 mil 1st qtr 2011!!!!!!!! 850k makes sense if they're adding in the gov't grants. It's got to be the guy from Rodman, I can't figure it out. He's got them at 2.49 mil for all of 2010 and then immediately 2.30 mil for only the first qtr 2011, with like 7.5 mil for full year. I'm pretty sure that makes them turning a profit.

        A side note- i noticed on the partnership part of the website there's no more contact info for Dr. Paul, but directly the email address to Bender....

        At this point, I'm interested to see if there will be interim results from the PST trial with U Mich..

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