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  • kent_fiftyseven kent_fiftyseven Jan 13, 2012 11:43 AM Flag

    Looking Forward

    It's nice to see the huge sell off may be over. Who it was will be a mystery I quess, but one thing is certain there aim was to dump as many shares as possible before year end.

    I hope many people got some of these cheap shares.

    These are the items I think we have to look forward to in the very near future.

    1.) A new source of financing. Hopefully Amway or one of it's companies will put out some more loans to get the company through to a period that we are actualy making money. Perhaps at the Biotech Showcase Bender can find a investor or two.

    2.) News on the confirmation of the A - Z Stanford Study and hopefully the Publication of this study that could lead to the major weight loss company contracts that our tele- conferences have been teasing us with.

    3.) News from the Michigan University studying our PST test and its affectiveness to predict Periodontal Desease and consequently a contract for testing dental patients from insurance companies.

    4.)News on studies going on in China for our PST test. Could be that they may be able to move faster over there than in the US. They probably don't have the red tape that we have here.

    4.) News on what our new Vice President of Developement is going to do for ILIU.

    Anything else that I missed? Like always, I have been wrong on just about every prediction of a low on our stock price but today when the asking price is .29 cents and shares are not being sold in 10,000 share lots at new yearly lows, I have hope once more

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    • I agree with much of what you wrote, but I think the year end sell-off was simply tax loss planning. Nothing but Nothing is going to happen until they get confirmation of Stanford's findings and sign a deal with a major weight loss company. That's the hot button. As for funding, I can't believe Alticor would let them venture off the reservation to find money. Finally nobody should put any stock into closing bids and asks on this stock. There were times when I tried for laughs to sell a 1000sh, 2cents below the asking and couldn't get a fill. Without relisting on a real exhange, you have zero chance of a legitimate buy or sell...for now we are nothing but a middle eastern market bazaar.

    • Forgot the Metagenics study. This might be have some potential as Alcitor is involved in a lot of food based research. KinDex Therapeutics is another of their companies doing scientific research on how the food we eat affects our health overall.

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