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  • maggieruffus maggieruffus Mar 20, 2013 2:01 PM Flag

    Welcome home... .

    Under .38!
    Well that didn't take too long.…This Blows!

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    • Anyone thinking of selling would be better served taking their shares to the Pawn Stars. The Pink Sheets is nothing more than a collection of Schuysters who will rob your shares or sell you them at inflated prices. IMHO the only thing to do for the next year is to buy at a price that you are comfortable with. You will never get a good fill until we are back on the Nasdaq. As long as this is half the price of a candy bar, it's a good buy if you believe...that's the litmus test. I would love to know Alticor's sentiments and their level of interest in Iliu anymore. It would seem that they have basically abandoned their active role but how would anyone know.

      Iliu stock makes great Xmas stocking stuffer gifts .

    • Yes it does! I'm thinking we see .331 9000 shares takes us to .34, with 2500 bid, next bid 17500@ .331. Not much holding this baby up. I hope I'm wrong!

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      • You're both should sell your shares!! Anyone who sells their shares gets what they deserve. The others who hold on to their shares will get what they deserve. It's hilarious watching the comments on this board of those people who think they are day-traders. If anyone on here is in it for a long term (at least a year or two) investment, you don't care what happens day to day, because it's just the market makers (or a collusion of a few investors who are trying to be day-traders) artificially moving the stock down to try to scare you into selling your shares. These drops have nothing to do with the long term value of this stock. That's why there isn't much movement on it's own, because the people who do actually own shares are not selling at this stupidly low price.

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