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  • I said you would know by the end of the week. I thought I was very clear that you were risking 200 plus commision and you should be prepared to lose. since I was prepared to risk 200 it would not be a big deal to lose here. Now I plan on keeping it in the event it reverses and makes a small run to get out even. if not
    I knew my risk and take the way it comes. Calling people an idiot might make you feel good but it shows a lack of understanding about risk and reward. It also shows you are not willing to learn are too emotional and fail to read carefully. I have done this for almost 30 years so I have been thru more than most here.
    If you were around for the New Sky move in 2000 you would not be talking like that. This penny stock game is not for the emotional trader. Wish you all well. I have other stocks if anyone has an interest.
    Trade small and remember there are only 2 kinds of traders THE QUICK AND THE DEAD.

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    • I enjoyed reading your post and I felt the same way. I am a new trader only been in the market for about 6 months I bought shares in this stock back when it was at 0.0005 and then when it hit the bottom where it is now I bought some more for a total investment of $200. You never know until you take a chance and like you said I'm staying in going to wait for the R/S and hope to break even. If you have anymore advise or any picks please let me know.