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  • GeraldWl GeraldWl Feb 13, 2012 5:12 PM Flag

    NILE and Earnings

    Was checking, closed today within fifty cents of where it closed last quarter two days before earnings. Pretty amazing, given how they missed, warned/guided lower, and fired their CEO. If goes according to pattern, will spike at open tomorrow, end flat. Spike on Wednesday and run all day. Then we know what happens after another disappointing quarter of zero growth.

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    • First, personal attacks is not my game. You started it and I took offense. So back it came.....

      I think we are both negative on this stock. And while I applaude you on being able to play the pattern of this stock.....I take issue that there is a pattern on this stock to even play. I have been watching and tracking NILE for years.....YEARS !!! I see it....and I don't trust it and I don't like it. My theory is that you are touting the option play for a down side becasue they are going to fudge the numbers and manafacuure fraudulent sales and income figures tomorrow. I don't want to see any more investors get burned on NILE and that includes you. The expiring opetions provice the money to continue to fund this ponzie scheme. If people would just walk away from this fraud it probably would go away. And here you are fanning the fraud flames of NILE.

    • Here is my fear. This stock is not about true value....It is about funds and institutions artificially inflating their net wort of the fund by running a worthless and shallow if not smoke and mirrors compnay up....E TOYS !!!!! They will never sell NILE because to sell nile means it runs in the ground becasue it is basically worthless.

      But as long as tyhe ponzie sacheme keeps getting funded by options and shorters and they keep selling options to generate cash flow that get posted to the top line and the accountants are in on the game....MANIPULATION of markets will only grow.

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      • Do you not think the funds are not smart enough to sell calls and buy puts against their positions once at this point? Do you not think they hedge with short positions or know when to sell? If you are so big on manipulation, then of course these firms know all and do all. Of course this stock is not about true value - the chances of this company meeting or exceeding earnings is laughable after its performance this past few years. Yet every time it consolidates at the 40-48 mark before earnings and every time it tanks to the ~$30 mark. It has made me a lot of money and I am assuming it will here as well.

        Yes, it appears to be a scam, but until you have something of hard evidence outside screaming about options and the CEO leaving, it will continue. The SEC is not going to bust the game.

    • Agreed - this is an easy options play. I will probably sell about 33% of my calls if this spikes by Wed PM and play the puts. Hope this POS sinks into the low 30s.

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      • DON'T GET SUCKERED IN !!!!!

        Of course it is an obvouus play....IT IS DESIGNED TO TAKE YOUR MONEY. IT LOOKS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE BECAUSS IT IS A SCAM !!!!!!

        It was totally set up....Warned last quarter....Run up PRICE on nothing..... CEO leaves to avoid prosecution....

        IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE !!! And this may very well be a blow out quarter according to manipulated books....becasue this quarter is leveraged heavily on the negative side. They will take every one out ON MANIPULATED FINANCIALS. Come on investors. Do you really thing financials are correct. Do you think banks are profitable with all the forclosures they pretend do not exist????

        The CEO walked away....but cashed out millions and millions in options....the options are used to feed cash flow and pad sales. They desperately need sales so Diane is out...But look how much she gave NILE for the options and then sold for a huge profit as they ran the stock price up !!!!! LOOK AT THE PONZIE SCHEME. They are feeding the topline though false sales that are cash flow items....Diane was paid this in hush money to keep going.

        Serious....look at the crooks holding million of shares of this ponzie scheme....They will not let NILe drop....It is too easy to pad their holdings by controlling the price of NILER and pay off the accountants to look the other way. Do you understand the fraud here???? It is tens of millions.....The finalcial will be cooked......Just watch and see.....Look AT THE LIST OF INSTITUTIONAL AND MUTUAL FUND HOLDERS...IT IS A WHOS WHO OF WALL STREET CROOKS....

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