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  • bhenning32 bhenning32 Mar 30, 2012 3:22 PM Flag

    This is the ugly side of "window dressing"g"

    This is the ugly side of "window dressing"g" 17 minutes ago one of the big fund's is selling off PVR at the end of the quarter...don't want to show a big loss position when they issue their statements. 6 times the volume on the last day of the quarter. Need to ride it out until the distribution nears.

    I agree about the heavy volume breing that iyt`s the last day of the 1st Quarter. And your reason is far more plauseable than most i`ve heard.But if i`m smart enough to own PVR at a Profit until now that is, The Big boys at the Funds Shouldn`t be showing a loss on PVR especially given the 8% yield.

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