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  • winmore_98 winmore_98 Jun 24, 2004 2:58 PM Flag

    acting like a...

    Heavy action at noon today. Dropped like a secondary offering was in the works, but I see no news wire. If it is a secondary offering it is usually a good time to buy more. Let's see if there is any news.

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    • Winmore, please explain " secondary offering" ... does that mean a dilution of ownership,i.e., more floating shares?
      P.S. I'm in Alabama & everywhere you turn more huge malls are being built .... I believe CLP has a preemptive advantage in location if these new ones are going to be competitors. Also, CLP does a great job of modernizing existing property, wish Winn Dixie had stayed uptodate with Publix, Krogers, even Brunos which seems to be committing hari kari

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      • Yes, the common perception is that a secondary offering has some dilutive quality; however, with reits the money generated goes into real estate that usually boosts FFO for all shares, so in short time the share price recovers. Also, the offering bought by wholesale broker/bankers will hold the shares and sell them slowly for a profit. Let's see if this is what is going on here...