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  • austinag3 austinag3 May 18, 2009 4:07 PM Flag

    Crooked Company

    Most of their tenants at their apartments are foreigners from foreign lands or the very poor. They actively discriminate against Americans by charging significantly higher rents to American citizens and subsidize the illegal aliens they house.

    What are they? Subsidized federal housing? Why charge more to current residents who are Americans and who can pay the rent and subsidize the foreign poor?

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    • "Most of their tenants at their apartments are foreigners from foreign lands or the very poor"

      Doubtful, maybe in a specific market where you're located. They can't discriminate based on race, they can however discriminate based on credit rating and there is also negotiation skill involved. If a savy tenant negotiates a lower rate with them and the next tenant(white, black, whatever color) doesn't attempt to negotiate or doesn't ask for a lower rate and ends up paying more, that's not discrimination. Also a new tenant would almost always get a lower rate or some move-in incentive that makes the rate appear lower. But if you feel that a bunch of rich white guys from Alabama are discriminating against credit worthy white people, get a lawyer and sue, it should be a historical case.

    • Does anyone know whether it is legal for Colonial Properties to charge different rents to different individuals the same day based upon your race?

      I know in selling houses, real estate agents cannot actively discriminate, but is discrimination allowed if they discriminate based upon race and they determine that, on average, white individuals can afford to pay more for the exact same apartment on the same day as a black, hispanic, or Indian individual?

      I am just questioning the ethics of this reverse discrimination and whether a white renter has a right to sue an apartment commununity for discrimination based upon race discrimination.