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  • schlattermann schlattermann Nov 12, 1998 11:05 AM Flag

    All time high!!!

    What's happening, no word from EL but stock is at it's highest, rumors that hey are buying someone.. who could that be?

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    • Where did you hear this one?
      This, in my mind, is not a good fit.
      Prestige is the game.

    • Patience is rewarded for those who waited through
      the low 60's of the Lauder sales and the stint into
      the 50's. With stronger than expected earnings in the
      summer, it looks like the market is convinced that you
      posters were right and EL is a winner. Christmas should
      be a boon this year, and a lot of people are trying
      to buy that right now. I am not in, have my head in
      other places, but good to see the supporters being
      rewarded. EL is a great company and should continue to be
      popular throughout the Christmas season given the great
      liklihood of record profits, record earnings, and hence
      record stock price. Plus, over the last year investors
      have been valuing EL at a P/E more like 50 to 60, not
      the 38 is it was this morning, so I would guess that
      the stock can handle a high P/E...investors will take
      the premium. If the stock splits it could (for no
      good reason) lead to better gains.

      As for the
      person who thinks it will hit 40 before 70, you may be
      close. EL could split soon, sending the price to right
      around 40.

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