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  • fred.puppet fred.puppet Dec 6, 2009 10:01 AM Flag

    CPQQ what a great company

    Pump it! How about we imagine that everybody in China is mandated to buy CPQQ products ... no let's imagine that everybody in the world is required to only spend their money buying from CPQQ ... and imagine that they're going to stop printing new shares and selling them to family for under $1 ... and imagine the NYSE drops its requirements on internal controls and accepts CPQQ. What else should we imagine? Pump it!

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    • I never pump a stock that doesn't have qualities what I'm looking for, what I'm saying all facts and nothing other than the facts. Everybody has to do their own DD and decide after if things are looking good for my view CPQQ is. Let me ask you this, what you don't like about CPQQ going forward (if you have any) I like to hear other views if you have one or other good stock ideas. I like to hear and I'm always open to other ideas. Pumping and recommending totally different things. If your own DD shows this is not a good investment just stay away from it simple is that.

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      • Well, since you asked. HESG.PK is on the cusp of creating history. They are the first company to enter the legal medical marijuana business and has recently announced they are in strong negotiations to aquire a couple caregivers and growing businesses in Montana. I am not going to explain it further because everyone in this stock is very intelligent and I'm sure they understand the implications of this move by this company. The stock is currently trading sub-penny and was halted from buying through Scottrade and TDA on Friday after the PR was announced. Naked short covering I'm sure on the part of the MM's. Buying pressure is unbelievable right now. Just a heads up since you were looking for good stock ideas.

        I'm fully invested in CPQQ by the way, just a quiet observer. Will be adding to my position here shortly and I do think that $20 is not being overly optimistic at all. This is an amazing stock.