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  • billwilson1804 Apr 10, 2014 12:38 PM Flag

    May be very good news if company honors their agreement not to go dark

    I am still making calls but end up with more questions than anwers. For instance after talking with our one board member Mike Segal i still don't understand why he did not convince them to continue listing. He also was on the acrb board and they went dark as well. Did he act in good faith for the common shareholder or did he represent something else? He takes calls if anyone cares to ask him why he didn't or couldn't convince company to stay listed. Hope our large fund holder over rules whoever talked them into going dark.

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    • Elaine Zhao is the kiss of death... if she is involved in a company it is probably to take them dark. A company will take her on as CFO, act like they are excited to have her on board and say everything is fine in the financial press releases, then in a few months out of nowhere they go dark. There is a pattern to her behavior and it is called misleading investors. They (especially her since she is licensed in the USA should be held accountable for misleading investors. I am not an attorney but my gut tells me there is a strong legal case here to at a minimum have her cpa and registered investment "advisor" status taken away from her as she is damaging the integrity of the industry...).

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