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  • Apr 5, 2012 10:40 AM Flag

    Rinse and Repeat 7.35

    Lock and Load..... :)

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    • jdrewy Apr 5, 2012 11:27 AM Flag

      hey free this is a garbage stock, it will be below 7$ next week!unless this goes to 0, eventually you'll be right on your call, but since jan, this stock is all down hill, any way good luck,

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      • This is my rinse and repeat trade for now and why I still like trading it. Yes NG is still trying to find the bottom but it's getting closer and closer and I want to have some skin in the game when it does. All these 3X ETF's are for short term trading for the most part unless you have a serious trend change that holds. My trading plan includes NG going down to $2 or lower so I will continue to practice risk management with that in mind. I already closed my position and waiting to get back in lower. I expected a small bounce at least after the big frop earlier now it is a matter of testing the new lows. I may add a small position below 7.35 again just to have some skin in the game over the weekend but probably will just wait for Monday and see where the market is before I get back in the game. If NG drops down below 2.06 I may hold some over the weekend.

      • BOIL is worse than garbage. Some garbage actually has scrap recycle value.

        BOIL hits new lows. How often do you see something packaged and SOLD to bagholders at $39, then in less than 6 months the price is $7.28 ?

        If you want exposure to natural gas, sell BOIL immediately to buy these;
        CHKR, ECT, SJT, SDT, HGT. I understand SD just floated another trust.

    • Sold 1/2 @ 7.53 to be safe. BOIL still wants to hold above 7 for now and this looks like a great scalping zone before the next sell off or who knows maybe even a squeeze. I can't wait for the squeeze because it could be historical when it does happen. I am ready to load up again if NG drops back down to the 2.06 zone again. BOIL decay will should take it below 7 is what I think. GLTA

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