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  • berrygeorge51 berrygeorge51 Jul 28, 2011 8:13 PM Flag

    TSPT Dead? Not Hardly

    What about the up coming crash caused by Washington the first week of August ?

    If August 2 comes without a deal, the dow could hit 11,000 easily and very quickly, and that's not really that low at all.

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    • The guys in Washington only appear to be dumber than a bag of rocks because they are bribed so easily.

      No matter how many shorts have paid them to sink the economy they're not stupid enough to risk their seat on the gravy train during their next election.

      They'll magically come up with a compromise this weekend. We hit bottom today.

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      • I think tspt will come up with some way of addressing the FDA concerns. Probably with a combination of clever packaging as well as a limited indication. It seems like FDA wants TSPT to figure out which subgroup has the highest next day effect and then contra indicate them. Even with a limited label, they will get off label prescriptions. But these studies and analysis will take time and money. My guess is another 1 to 1.5 years. Government now adays just doesn't trust people to take of themselves. They want to control every aspect of people's lives. It's out of hand.