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  • trader.quick trader.quick Nov 22, 2011 3:00 PM Flag

    Questions to longs

    let's say it gets approved, doesn't ambien keep you asleep all night, so why would I take this when I can take ambien and crash all night? Not sure I understand how well it will sell.

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    • Like I said, I think Intermezzo will sell. But in the name of intellectual honesty, I don't think it's anything new.

      Staying asleep and falling asleep are the same, from a pharmaceutical perspective. However, from the perspective of depression and anxiety, they are very different. Anxiety causes initial insomnia, and depression causes terminal insomnia (early awakening). And celibacy causes both ;). However, Zolpidem doesn't treat either anxiety or depression. It just puts you to sleep and keeps you asleep for about four hours.

      However, w/r/t to the neurochemical mechanism or slumber, both staying and falling are related to GABA secretion, as far as I know. Zoplidem is a GABA agonist, which means it provokes the release of GABA, which is the body's natural tranquilizer. GABA puts you to sleep and keeps you asleep. Other things do too (Trazodone).

    • I will gladly take this drug when approved. I don't like to use any sleeping pills because of their addictive effects but frequently wake up after 4 hrs or so. A quick acting pill that works for 3-4 hrs is perfect for occasional use. There is a big market for this pill and its the first one specifically approved to meet this need.

    • it's about the doctors who prescribe.
      if a patient says they have a problem
      sleeping or that they wake up in the middle
      of the night and can't fall asleep then
      the doctor will be most likely to prescribe
      Intermezzo. There is a difference between falling asleep and staying asleep. Trust me, people will be using Mezzo off label also, taking it before bedtime.
      Watson will be marketing. They sure have had
      no problem marketing Oxycontin, it's the most
      popular pain med in the world !

    • I agree. That's been the de-facto use.

    • right. exactly. for years and years, people have popped another Ambien in the MOTN of when their first dose wears off. so, i you wake up in the MOTN (even if you have no trouble falling asleep), you just do what people have been doing, which is pop an Ambien.

      a lozenge may enter the bloodstream faster. that i don't know.

    • There is a market for this drug. However, getting marketing right in this crowded market is another question. Just look at how many sleep-aid medicines you see on TV every day, you will realize how fierce this market place is.

    • Ambien CR sells $1 billion per year even with generic immediate release. Remember Ambien CR has a layer that dissolves immediately to knock the person out, and an SR portion that releases drug later to make sure they stay asleep.

    • Ambien wears off after about four hours. Ambien CR is supposed to last for seven, but it's imperfect. Most habitual Ambien users take a second dose of regular Ambien in the middle of the night.

      I'm not sure why I'd prefer a lozenge to another pill, but many people might find the idea preferable.

      Th real holy grail in this sector is a non-hypnotic, non-Gaba receptor related soporific that mimics the effects of a hypnotic. However, that's not really possible.

      Whoever can develop a hypnotic that doesn't have benzo like side-effects will control the sector.

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