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  • snow.ball7 snow.ball7 May 19, 2012 11:36 AM Flag

    Five Dollar Foot Long. here's why.

    just about 19 million shares now.
    small pipeline with only 1 promising
    drug and it's only in Phase 2.

    mkt cap @ 7.00 = about 130 million.

    I don't think TSPT deserves any more than
    a 80-90 million mkt cap until we see how much
    they can earn on Mezzo.
    I also believe the Secondary was a "quick fix"
    shortsighted move by management, because they acted like babies without considering the reception of the investment community. They
    could have shewn confidence and waited 3-6 months to actually earn money and use that to develop 2061 instead of wanting money right away and putting it on the backs of innocent shareholders !
    The stock is going to 5.00 and we will see if
    that holds, I think it will only because of Mezzo, but if Mezzo earnings to TSPT dissapoint $3 is not out of the question. Shareholders thought the milestone approval payment would cushion cash, management says no, we need more,
    this is sad, because they could have sold the entire company but chose to bleed the public
    instead, this is going lower.

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    • I agree. Management is not interested in selling the company. They are interested milking their fat salaries for several years and are perfectly content with posting large operating losses.

      I truly believe they don't care about the share price. They care about their jobs.

      They sold their shares after approval, dumped another 3 million shares in a secondary and now it's just sit and wait.

      Wait for what? I dumped my shares at $9.51 on the day the secondary was announced.