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  • rumpelchacha rumpelchacha Apr 15, 2011 10:22 PM Flag

    Blow by blow just what happened

    AEN releases results on the 4/14/2011 ReaZin meets endpoints
    After market gets a bid, things looking good.
    Pre-market stock starts rallying on the good news.
    Everyones getting bullish, looks good, so i sold at 2 bucks
    Why sell if things are looking good?
    For days Adam Ant has been readying his artical to discredit AEN
    Market opens, AEN begins tummbling slowly as nervous investors
    start to panic on Adam ants post.
    Stop losses begin triggering, the flock freezes as shorts pile in
    Huge selling explodes as now retail is in full panic mode.
    I start getting bullish again watching the fear unfold
    So i stepped in to catch some stock in the 1.20s about what i had paid the first go round.
    CCall starts, AEN very forthcoming with answers, for a tiny company they keep investors well informed.
    AEN furthers its plunge as more posters here start to post stuff about the CEO not being truthful(rubbish)
    CEO stated Adam should call him, he'd be happy to do a interview and discuss the results and any doubts!
    6 million shares trade today, a massive washout to retail investors.

    The good news is, what ever the bad news was it came from a
    misleading Street artical.ReaZin is not a drug folks.
    The real news was drowned in the fear of panic today.
    I'm back and bullish on AEN, lots of room to head higher.

    I'll say it again, for a small company, they keep there shareholders informed and take questions. Thats unheard of in micro biotech land in my opinion. Small pull back monday, followed by a intraday rally! 1.60-1.75! PRs are coming.
    ReaZin is going to the market and will make alot of money.

    They sell every year a billion dollars in cold remedies, but the truth is theres no cure for the common cold!! The main ingredient is alcohol and Pseudoephedrine.Its also a major ingredient used to illegally make methamphetamine.

    A rule of thumb......

    If your going to panic, panic early (like at 2 in premarket)

    In my opinion, AEN will get a partner for ReaZin and will market
    it just like they said. So far they have done what they said they'll do! They never said it was a cure or anything more then one more tool in the belt for treating the horrible alzheimer's disease. One questioner said today and i found that very true, people will try anything to help there loved ones. If it just helps a little, i'd try it for sure. Whats the alternative?

    One last note, theres a huge market to buy water to treat all kinds of disease, its called Kagen water. Went to a meeting
    about it and there were people clammering to buy this 3 thousand dollar water ionizer to make this "Kagen water" The water doesn't do anything, thats proven but there lining up to buy it, go figure! Cheers

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