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  • zaudio11 zaudio11 Apr 17, 2011 5:21 PM Flag

    OK... so the real question out of all of this, is there a market for ReaZin

    I think so.
    Adeona and James Kuo seem to think so.
    Do you?
    Because it looks like they ARE now launching ReaZin... by themselves if they have to.
    And that market looks like it'll get only stronger from this point forward with further research... and no doubt they are going to be doing that; this trial showed promise... they are going to trawl through that data, and design a new larger and longer trial with the goals of strengthening claims. The hypothesis on copper, zinc and the link to AD seems sound... they have a product proven to address the copper/zinc issue, and shows some possible clinical benefits to the patients... this is the start.
    Meanwhile they have two other exciting products continuing through developments and trials, and a very low market cap...

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    • I agree, but as far as PPS, its not going anywhere for a while. A larger trial is going to take another year or so. Trimesta is a long ways off for results.

      And I remember from May of last year to December the PPS went from 1.15 in May to .71 on Dec 10 mainly on a lack of any substantial news. Remember a lot of people complaining about that. Kuo could have released at lot more info on any zinc progress, etc., then he did over long periods of silence which I can see happening again.

      True it started to appreciate from last December until Rezin results but Kuo has plenty of money now and they will maybe slow to bringing it to market cause whats the rush now?, their still gettin paid and got their little options and maybe even more coming from the Meda deal. All the while you will hear very little on any progress in the coming months like last time so the PPS will slowly bleed down again in the meantime.

      While I think at todays prices its a bargain now and especially when it goes lower and yes it will appreciate again and maybe substantially, your in for a long wait again of at least 6 months. If you can afford to wait, then fine, but Iam not waiting anymore.. I will stay on the sidelines and just watch rather than tie my money again.

    • anyone else wish to discuss?

    • it's in the 10Q page 54/55

    • Listen dude i think u r nervous dont be ... Reazin is a buy the drug will be marketed.. Be patient .. I made it throught the storm in setp 2008 and march 2009 i have seen in it all if u believe in others opnion u fall in the class of those who are not telling u to buy or sell there crooks and thieves who do not understand alzheimers or reazin...n they will be dealt with

    • "The hypothesis on copper, zinc and the link to AD seems sound"

      In this business, seeming sound doesn't cut it. You can either prove it in the clinical studies or you can't. Whether it was by trial design error or it just didn't work, they now don't have the clinical data to warrant a partner putting up millions. I honestly don't think they will partner reaZin.

      That and CEO Jim Kuo cares only about the companies survival.

      Some of you need to snap out of it, wake up. They raised capital in the first 60 days of the year. Kuo then says in the quarterly conference call that they have cash for the next 12 months.

      After he digests the data, a week before the read out, he sticks his hand in the cookie jar one last time not only contradicting himself but slapping shareholders in the face.

      If you people cannot put 2 & 2 together than I don't what else to tell you. It's so obvious what happened it's practically hitting investors in the face.

      There will not be a partner for reaZin folks. I expect in the coming weeks it's scrapped all together.

      When trials go wrong and investors hold through the disaster, they tend to try to rationalize in their own minds why things are A OKAY and how everything will be just find.

      Thats exactly whats happening here.

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      • Find me any CEO whose primary objective is not the survival of their company and you have found a CEO not doing their job. Will take the CEO at his word that the April RDO was done to explore other acquistion prospects.
        Many people feel that the zinc/copper relationship are key to CNS disorders. JMO, but the fact ReaZin can deliver 150mg/d dose of zinc in a single daily dose and be well tolerated and GRAS is more than enough potential for continuation of the development plan.
        Do you think A.Bush signed on to be a director for any other reason?
        Although secondary results of ReaZintest do not yet approach statistical significance, the fact that those results were uniformly better than a placebo are postive.
        Noted that you were announced as Jon Walsh during the AEN cc, the real question for me is whether this was a mis-pronounciation and you are "John Welsh" the source of ?

      • Not only did Kuo lie about the AF article, he also contradicts his own compagny profile!
        Well if that doesn't seem like a red flag to you, i don't know what will!
        Profile is: do a trial 1 & 2 than partner up and let them pay a trial 3 and collect royalties and so on..
        Well with this data they certainly are NOT going to get a partner! So they go after it themselves,..
        With no experience whatsoever (as stated in the 10Q).

        That's precisely the reazin why they did the second offering, because Kuo had seen that the data wasn't going to get a partner convinced to put millions in this.
        He contradicts himself here as well, he said in the quarterlies that he had enough money for at least 12 months..
        Well guess not!
        Oh and another thing, there are more problems seen in the 10Q, the pills for Trimesta can't be delivered anymore because the compagny (ORGANON B.V.) is shut down by Merck! And i can know because it's a Dutch compagny and it happens to be that i live there and seen it all over the news some weeks ago..
        It's not about cash that i am worried about, it's about a lack of Vision and leadership off the CEO!
        Sorry guys i was very hopefull of this compagny but it seems like we're totally RIPped off!
        Altough i hate to say this all, but i think it's wise to think about your investment in AEN, it could take untill the end of the year before something is happening here with more ??? than that anything is certain about this compagny!
        Hope you'll earn money or get your money back from this fraud..
        Good luck!!

      • So Jb thinks that ReaZin will not sell... what do you think....? Some clinical benefit indicated on a small 6 month trial, proven to correct copper/zinc serum levels in AD sufferers.
        Jb sold his shares, and is still trying to justify that decision.
        I'm with Kuo on this at the moment... I think they are onto something, and they have enough already to start selling it. Remember (including jb), ReaZin is not a super expensive drug... it is not even a drug

    • There is a market.

      Just ran into a man I know today who told me he is in the process of moving in his in-laws to live with him and his wife. The father-in-law has early stage AD, the mother-in-law takes care of him at home. She needs help with him and they can't stand the idea of putting him in a care facility. He was very excited to hear about the potential of reaZin and said he hoped it would be out soon enough to help his father-in-law, who is not on anything for AD right now because, get this, he's afraid of the side effects! Funny how that works with drugs and their side effects, huh?

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      • funny thing u said that i saw someone posting about reazin on youtube in the alzheimer section

      • Also, out of the massive possible market for AD, Adeona do not need that great a share to be making a killing due to their low market cap...

        With a 30M share float, if they can make $1 a share net profit, then we're at a $10 to $20 pps.

        Call that $60M is gross sales. Say they get 500,000 consumers of their product at $120 year (total price guess... could be more than that, being conservative) then that target is reached.
        Then we have teh lab, trimesta etc....

      • Excatly... I think Kuo is correct that many will try it... if they don't like it or think it helps, then they'll stop; but the thought is that due to the low cost, many will enjoy those modest benefits, as there is nothing else. And you know I;m thinking that the ace in the hole here is that taken for longer than 6 months, those benefits might just speed up... as the issue here is lowering those Copper serum levels, and elevating zinc serum levels; reaZin now proven to do that... it was a bad guess that 6 months would be long enough from start of taking product to stronger clinical benefits... Kuo knows that know... i hear it in the cc... I'm thinking the benefits of correcting the imbalance might just snowball over time; that is what a longer and larger trial will be designed to show no doubt.
        With the product going to market, AD sufferers will be their own trial in parallel with this... fi they keep benefiting, why stop... who knows, maybe some will even see their symptoms start to reverse over time. Adeona are onto something here... their research, and other company's research all suggests it.
        I'm in while the stock is cheap....

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