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  • holywallst holywallst Apr 25, 2011 9:44 PM Flag

    Last 3 years AEN has been a flat line

    Check out their chart from early 2008 till now

    Its been a flat line almost

    This stock traded once in the $20s. Blew my mind away. Since 2008, its $2 or lower, sometimes below $1???

    Thats pretty much flat line, considering it could have gone up from $20s to $30s to $50s like so many stocks in the last 2 years

    AEN couldnt do anything in the last 2 years. What makes you think this will go any higher when the DOW has topped as well?

    Unless DOW crosses 14k-15K, I doubt AEN will push it to even mid $1s ever

    You longs are so so royally f..... with this one. Why not just sell and move on to something much better?

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    • Why do you spend so much time on AEN?

      Is your wife sleeping with your best friends?

      Gish, get a life dude: get out of your mom's basement, get yourself a degree, make some money and stop dreaming about trading stocks.

      Let this game to the big boys sloth.

      Guy Md PhD

    • 6 different boards since 830 est p FREAKING m

      lol dude

      tell everyone how you showed up on the acor board and 2 minutes later it was halted


    • Your statements are meaningless.

      • 1 Reply to wmaberry
      • You hadn't heard of AEN until the past few days when it went up and then crashed. You seek out stocks that had a big rise and you short them. Most of the time it works very well for you. You post nasty messages on the Yahoo boards and hope it drives the PPS down. You have some pretty nasty messages out there.

        I don't think shorting AMRN is going to work out that well for you. I hope you have already covered. I don't know anything about Travelzoo but it didn't look good for you today.

        You missed your chance to short during the big dump. I bailed, and wish I had shorted as well. There isn't going to be much below a buck here, the drug did what it was supposed to, nobody said it would cure AD, but overall well tolerated zinc seems to be a good thing. There are other drugs in the pipeline

        The best you will do is 20% here.

        I think this board will be a lot more enjoyable with you on ignore. You are not funny and have sort of a bad attitude.

        ReaZin might be good for you.

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