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  • holywallst holywallst May 10, 2011 6:31 PM Flag

    If stock collapses after conf. call...

    what is your backup plan?? how are you going to hedge against any downside? Unlike other stocks with risk of downside, you cant short AEN, and you cant buy PUT options on AEN?

    You dont think the MM will take full advantage of your vulnerability and helplessness?? think about that tonight. The conf. call may be just another catalyst to take it even lower, much lower. think about that too. dont be naive. if we do get a pop, you already know its gonna crack its head at the ceiling of $1.10. then back to 95 cents??? think about that as well

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    • sorry, talking to holy-whats-his name.

      You just might be a real person, a rare thing.

    • I humbly accept your admiration.
      However your post doesn't make one da$n bit of sense.
      FYI..I was in AEN a couple of months before April 14th. Sold out my entire position BEFORE the blessed event of around 11 am or so Friday the 15th when ReaZin data blew everyone away, along with dilution to .95 cents. Mr. Stop Loss helped me on that transaction. I will refrain from name-calling about anyone who didn't have the intelligence to have one in place at that time.
      Translation..I made a moderate profit. Mistake..I didn't go with my gut and sell immediately after the dilution, which wasn't a positive message to the market. If I had done that, I would have made a very good profit, in a short amount of time.
      Never shorted the stock. You have me mixed up with some other evil individual who would do such a sordid and unethical thing.
      Just hanging around with my fury little paws on my wallet assessing if it's worth getting back into the game with AEN.
      Enough disclosure?

    • Man think about the fact that you're completly
      f u c k e d
      as well

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