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  • nutmeg_bull nutmeg_bull Apr 4, 2012 12:41 PM Flag


    I'd love to know if there is any likely uptick in ERII. Their technology is impressive but the same cannot be said for their balance sheet. What is demand like for their products? Is demand likely to increase or not?

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    • bkay Jun 24, 2012 2:27 PM Flag

      The million dollar insider buying ,new contract announcements, stock price 60% higher than the 52 week low... Stock price still assumes turnaround not confirmed...

    • I am continually disappointed in this company which can't seem to conquer whatever it has to conquer.
      I donut give up but I disregard. Up 9% today, but it's a big so what until it really becomes a leader.

    • Good luck to us both. I doubled my little position this morning.

    • I've been loading up at around $2.10 for the past couple months. In the energy recovery business the competitors know their sales ~9 months ahead of when they recognize the sale. ERI has already locked in $40MM in sales this year and the stock price has not reflected it yet.

      Evidence of this was last quarters earnings release when the stock shot up to $2.40 before the release on expectations of better earnings. The funny thing about this is, 3 months before this event the company in their earnings call stated revenue would not include any mega projects and would not until Q2... so why the run-up?.

      The market in general is not taking into account all of the public information. This stock is only moving on actual earnings reports - which have essentially already been determined 9 months in advance. IMO this is a very east stock to play right now.

      Looking forward to cashing in pretty big later this year.

    • Desalinization will be huge as potable water supplies become scarce due to overpopulation and pollution and global warming. The only question is which suppliers will get the market and to what extent. Place your bets. This company's share price is low at the moment. But could go lower. Or higher. Good luck.

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